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International Relations and Business Expert

Sales Optimisation

US China: The New Opportunity

One of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts

Navigating Emerging Asia

Risk & Decision Making

$uperHubs: How the Financial Elite and their Networks Rule our World

Renowned Journalist and Anchor

Bringing the fighter pilot way to business.

Innovation and Engagement

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

Professor and Associate Dean of Ivey Business School

Asia Luxury Branding

Mobility, Digital & Innovation

Strategy Implementation

Chief Spokesman and Strategist to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Eight principles of human creativity

Mindfulness and decision-making

Founder of UGG Boots

Sun Tzu's Art of War Winning Strategies in Business

Managing Rapid Growth / Chasing Dreams

Premium Luxury Business Management

The Greater Bay Area

Add 10%+  to your bottom line at no cost

How To Be An Intelligent Global Leader