Sustainability Speaker Francisco Lozano Winterhalder Joins China Speakers Agency

Francisco.JPGThe question of sustainability is one of the most discussed topics in the world today, and there are few speakers better prepared to unpack this loaded philosophy than Francisco Lozano Winterhalder. Deeply studied in sustainability, Francisco understands environmental and biological ethics have to do with a lot more than just physical change to our environment. Francisco spearheads the wisdom that you simply can’t separate social, ethical and cultural changes from the hard-science of studying and attempting to reverse climate change.

It’s easy to understand how Francisco developed this unique, and powerful, perspective on sustainable. Francisco achieved his masters in Philosophy, and presently teaches as Professor of the Environment at ESADE Business School, as well as holding a position as Professor of Environmental Ethics at the Borja Institut of Bioethics, both of which are located in Barcelona. Francisco has taken a multicultural, global approach to sustainability and environmental ethics his entire life, working as a board member at the Spanish United Nations Association, in addition to acting as a member of UNESCO Club in Barcelona.

You won’t be surprised to hear a man with as diverse interests and pursuits as Francisco provides fascinating, far-reaching, expertly composed presentations that explain sustainability and the future of this planet from a wide variety of lenses and perspectives. Francisco personalizes each of his presentations to meet the needs of each of his audiences, but his speeches tend to focus on working towards new ideas of development, how corporations can increase their responsibility without sacrificing their competitive edge, and how we can understand the emerging future with 10 simple keys to keep in mind.

Fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Italian, Francisco is ready to provide a speech that may serve as a true turning point within your organization, a speech you can commission by simply sending