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Rob Koepp’s “Betting on China” Book Coverage

Rob Koepp, author of “Betting on China”, discusses for The Edge Singapore, July 30, 2012, the unloved Chinese companies whose stocks are listed in the US, Canada, Australia and London, considering that these companies should be brought home, privatised and re-listed. The Edge Singapore, Betting on China 30 Jul 2012 Betting on China by Rob […]

Anil Gupta, expert on Strategy and Globalisation, will be in Asia in April – June

Anil Gupta, leading expert on strategy and globalisation, will be available for speaking engagements in Asia in April – June 2013. Contact us at [email protected] to have Dr. Gupta as a speaker for your event. Dr. Anil K. Gupta is currently the Professor of Strategy and Organization as well as Research Director at the Center for […]

Andy Xie on China-Japan Islands Dispute

Andy Xie, the director of Rosetta Stone Advisors, shared his insights on China-Japan islands dispute at Bloomberg. Andy states that the economic implications of the dispute will affect the China-Japan trade and that it depends on the length of the suspended production in the Japanese factories. “A lot of these products are for global market, […]

Dr Willy Lam’s Comment on China’s New Leadership

Dr Willy Lam, journalist and analyst known for his insights on China’s politics, commented on China’s new leadership for the international news agency Reuters. Willy Lam said Xi Jinping’s appointment as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces could mean a change in military policy. Well, Xi Jinping has many good friends amongst the generals. So it’s […]

Ann Lee on Chinese Businesses Overseas Deals

Ann Lee, frequent media commentator on economic issues and author of “What the US can learn from China”, shared her insights on Chinese businesses overseas deals, explicitly on how the Chinese company CNOOC has acquired Canada’s Nexen and what can be further expected regarding the Chinese-North American businesses deals. Check the video for more information… […]

Chris Gardner joins China Speakers Agency

We are glad to announce you that Chris Gardner, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist, joined us at China Speakers Agency. Chris is the author of the 2006 autobiography, The Pursuit of Happiness, a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller that has been translated into over forty languages.  Gardner is also the inspiration for the […]

Speakers on China Business

Are you looking for a speaker who truly knows China business for your upcoming event? We are the China speakers bureau to help you to identify the most appropriate speakers. Helen Wang – award-winning author and expert on China’s middle class Ann Lee – frequent media commentator on economic issues Andy Xie – Renowed Chinese […]

Helen Wang: How Burger King Can Recover in China

Helen Wang, award-winning author and expert on China’s middle class, wrote for Forbes an article on how Burger King can recover in China. You can read it entirely here… Eight years after Burger King first entered the China market in 2005, the world’s second largest burger chain restaurant has only 63 restaurants in the country, […]

Andy Xie: Why the Global Economy Is Still Stuck

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, wrote an article in CaixinOnline on the reasons why the global economy is still stuck. The main reason he finds is that the policies in the entire world remain focused on the wrong things, especially speculation.           The leadership failures around the world reflect that […]

Ann Lee: What the U.S. Can Learn from China

Ann Lee, frequent media commentator on economic issues, provides in the video “What the U.S. Can Learn from China” (video from [email protected]) an honest assessment of China’s political economy and governance structure, analyzing the sources of China’s success and identifying lessons that can be applied by other governments regardless of ideology. Part 1: Part 2: Ann […]

Fredrik Haren’s New Book “One World. One Company” is Just Out

Fredrik Haren’s new book “One World. One Company” is just out. Fredrik argues for why—and how—companies need to become global in the way they conduct business. Watch a 20 minute speech on the subject of the book in the video below. Find out how some of the most successful companies, big and small, have been […]

Andy Xie: Caution in China a Blow to Miners

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights on Australian iron ore market in an interview done by Will Glasgow and Ayesha de Kretser for The Australian Financial Review. Andy forecasts that prices for the iron ore commodity will drop from $US150 a tonne to below $US60 a tonne, and that is because of China’s plan […]

Kevin Kelly, Technology Visionary, Will Be in Asia in June

Kevin Kelly, digital visionary, writer on biology and business and “cool tools”, will be in Asia in June, available for speaking engagements. BIO Kevin Kelly has been a participant of, and reporter on, the information technology revolution for more than 30 years. Based in his studio in Pacifica, California, he immerses himself in the long-term […]

Ann Lee joins China Speakers Agency

We are glad to announce you that Ann Lee, frequent media commentator on economic issues, former investment banker and hedge fund partner, joined us at China Speakers Agency. Please contact us to engage her to speak on issues of global economics, finance, and U.S.-China relations. Ann Lee has been quoted in hundreds of publications and […]

Nobel Economist Peter Diamond in Asia in Early April 2013

We at China Speakers Agency are thrilled to announce that Professor Peter Diamond, 2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences, will be in Asia in early April, available for speaking engagements. Peter Diamond was awarded the Nobel for his seminal work on search theory, the theory of the frictions and incentives involved in the process […]

Fredrik Haren: One World. One Company

Fredrik Haren, Asia-based best speaker on innovation and creativity, talks about global companies and creativity at the launch of his new book “One World. One Company” in Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2012. Fredrik discusses the new breed of global company, the concept of a global brand and ‘The Global Divide’ – the gap between […]