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Andy Xie on China’s “Internet Bubble”

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, thinks that the e-commerce boom in itself is not sustainable.  The current Internet boom, centered around social networking, e-commerce and online gaming, has not produced a significant productivity boost for the economy and likely will not in the future. The boom is mostly about redistributing existing demand from offline […]

Infographic: The Growing Middle Class in China

The rise of the middle class in China has a huge impact on China’s economy and you can see it in the infographic below… Want to understand more? Our China experts have great insights to share… Helen Wang – Award-winning Author and Expert of China’s Middle Class Andy Xie – Renowned Chinese Economist Ann Lee […]

Prof Anil Gupta: The Future Role of China in the Global Economy

Prof Anil Gupta discusses the future role of China in the global economy in a CCTV panel discussion, with Phillip Yin, moderator, and Saruhan Hatipoglu, CEO of Beri Consulting… Anil Gupta Dr. Anil Gupta is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and globalisation. He is currently the Professor of Strategy and […]

Andy Xie: Restructuring in China is Inevitable

“China’s economy will have to go through restructuring. It is not a choice. It will happen either under government leadership or market pressure. In the later scenario the process could be quite chaotic.” ~ Andy Xie Andy Xie elaborated: GDP targeting no longer serves a good purpose. It sends a dangerous signal for resisting economic […]

Dr. Anil Gupta on China’s Economy

Dr. Anil Gupta, Professor of Strategy at the University of Maryland and INSEAD graduate business school, was interviewed by Phil Yin from CCTV where Dr. Anil Gupta discussed China’s economy. His opinion was that China’s economy is still growing, but at a slower rate than before. About Anil Gupta Dr. Anil Gupta is widely recognized […]

Rob Koepp’s Betting On China Website Launched

Rob Koepp‘s Betting On China Website was launched recently and it can be found at bettingonchina.com. With Betting on China: Chinese Stocks, American Stock Markets, and the Wagers on a New Dynamic in Global Capitalism Rob provides a new perspective on how China’s economy (past, present and future) operates in real time- and how the […]

Dr Andy Xie’s Insights on the Chinese Bad Loans and China’s Economy

The claimed huge amounts of Chinese bad loans are a major threat to the Chinese economy, coupled with a new Government no longer solely focused on growth. Dr Andy Xie shared his insights on the Chinese bad loans for Australia’s ABC.  He says the Chinese Government can cover any bad loans problems, but that means […]