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Dr Andy Xie: How the US Federal Reserve created a financial opioid crisis in the West

Dr Andy Xie

In his recent article in SCMP, Dr Andy Xie opined that how the US Federal Reserve created a financial opioid crisis in the West. Nowadays it is popular on both the left and right to blame China for the US’ woes. The Fed is even more at fault. It gave the West a painkiller. The […]

Dr Andy Xie: Hong Kong and Singapore, so similar yet so different – it’s all about housing, money and politics

Dr Andy XIe

Dr Andy Xie 謝國忠, renowned Economist, shared his insights on the recent disturbance in Hong Kong. The most bizarre development in Hong Kong’s real estate market is the rise of nano flats. Hong Kong’s developers increase housing affordability by shrinking size. Even these car-sized flats cost about 10 years’ income. It is amazing to see how […]

Dr Andy Xie: China 20 years after the Asian financial crisis

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese Economist, said that China had spoken about economic rebalancing for 10 years, but consumption as a share of GDP has continued to fall. Click on the image below to watch the video of Dr Xie’s interview with CNBC. Dr Andy Xie 謝國忠 is a renowned Chinese economist based in Shanghai who has been […]

Porter Erisman on How the West can learn from China on e-commerce and Fintech

Porter Erisman

Porter Erisman talked about how the West can learn from China on e-commerce and Fintech. China, started from scratch, has created truly disruptive e-commerce and mobile payment business ecosystems. Porter says “Because China is really starting from scratch, China is able to leapfrog way ahead. And so finally you’re starting to see the evidence come out […]

Andy Xie Shared his Views on the Impact of the Panama Papers on Asia

Shanghai-based independent economist Andy Xie was interviewed by Karishma Vaswani for BBC Business regarding the possible impact of Panama Papers on Asia. Andy Xie was asked if he thinks the Panama Papers wil force more governments to become more transparent about tax and he said “In Asia it’s about how to hide your wealth that often hasn’t been […]

Andy Xie: China is running out of ways to keep its many bubbles inflated

Andy Xie: China is running out of ways to keep its many bubbles inflated. The “impossible trinity”, or trilemma, here says that a country cannot run an independent monetary policy with a fixed exchange rate and free capital flows. Some may argue that China controls its capital account. It is true that the government has […]

Morry Morgan: China is so Black and White, You Have to be Grey

China is so Black and White that Chinese live in the grey to survive. So says Morry Morgan, author of ‘Selling Big to China‘ and co-founder of ClarkMorgan. In the video below, Morry describes how rules and regulations in China can be so strict and inflexible that Chinese must use guanxi to get around the […]

Jack Sim: Make the World a Better Place, by Working on the Toilets

Jack Sim is the founder of World Toilet Organization. He believes that by working on improving the world’s toilets, we can make the world a better place. He shared his journey in a recent speech. Jack Sim Jack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization, achieved financial success through several business ventures at an early age. […]

Dan Steinbock’s Insights on Global Economy

Dan Steinbock, business, politics and strategy expert, shared his insights on global economy at Credit Risk Conference in Hong Kong in 2011. Dr Dan Steinbock is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the major advanced economies (G7) and large emerging economies (BRICS […]

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere: China’s Alibaba is the First Real Test for Amazon’s Business Model

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere considers that China’s Alibaba is the first real test for Amazon’s business model. Alibaba will gain a foothold in the U.S. market, probably with some portion of that huge group of consumers who don’t shop that frequently but who browse a lot, from whom Alibaba will derive advertising revenue even if […]

Justin Yifu Lin Confident in the Economic Growth in China

Dr Justin Yifu Lin remains optimistic and confident in China’s economic growth in the coming few years, despite certain difficulties. Here is his CCTV interview… Justin Lin Professor Justin Yifu Lin is Professor and Founding Director of the China Centre for Economic Research (CCER) at Peking University. He is the former Senior Vice President and […]

Martin Jacques: Why China Will Be a Very Different Kind of Great Power

Dr Martin Jacques shared his insights on why China will be a very different kind of great power. To understand China’s growth, one has to also understand it’s history and it’s culture. He also shared his prediction on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and the future of the World Bank and the IMF. Martin Jacques […]

Andy Xie On The Slow China Economy Growth

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese Economist, shares his insights in a recent media interview on how China should handle the slowing economy growth.  Some experts, however, have said the latest figures are a sign that China should focus on stimulating its domestic economy, in particular consumption. “The slowdown in exports is in line with global trade conditions […]

Anil Gupta: Can China and India be Business Allies?

China and India may be neighbors but, politically, they share an uneasy relationship. A war in 1962 and a long-standing border dispute have led to a sense of distrust on both sides which often seeps into business relations. But Prof Anil Gupta is optimistic. He believes that business relations between China and India, two of the […]

Jesko von den Steinen: Lessons on Creativity and Innovation from The House of Dancing Water

Jesko von den Steinen, co-creator and principal artist of “The House of Dancing Water”, the world’s largest water-based show held at the City of Dreams in Macau, inspires corporates on business creativity from his experience on creating the successful show. Below is the Behind the Scenes of The House of Dancing Water. An enormous project! […]

Vinh Giang – Success Never Comes Easily

Success never comes easily. Vinh Giang is one of the speakers whom we love to work with very much, and he is also one of the speakers who gains traction very quickly. This is not the result of luck, or chance. He essentially practice daily to make his performance seamless. He would book the whole […]