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Zhang Lijia on Wage Gap and Sex Discrimination in China

Chinese feminist writer Lijia Zhang shared her views on the wage gap and sex discrimination in China in an interview. “The market economy has led to increased gender inequality since the 1990s,” noted feminist writer Lijia Zhang (China File 11 June 2014). This is reflected in the widening wage gap between women and men, a […]

Lijia Zhang: A Motivational Story from Mainland China

Lijia Zhang is a rocket-factory worker turned freelance journalist, social commentator and the author of Socialism is Great! A Worker’s Memoir of the New China. Her personal story provides great insights on the changes China goes through in the past few decades.  Zhang LiJia LiJia Zhang is a rocket factory girl turned writer, journalist and […]

Lijia Zhang Interview at Prestige Magazine

Lijia Zhang was interviewed by the Hong Kong Prestige Magazine recently. Read about it below… About her public speaking: Public speaking, at home and overseas, broadens her audience farther. “I spend a lot of time travelling for business and pleasure – it’s one of my passions,” she says. “I used to live in such a […]

Congratulations to Lijia Zhang for Her New Book!

We are so happy for the official announcement of Lijia Zhang‘s new book, “Lotus”, to be published in 2017 by Henry Holt and Company, a top publisher in the US, an imprint of Macmillan! Author of the memoir Socialism is Great!, Lijia Zhang’s LOTUS, set in Shenzhen, China, “city of sins,” the story of a […]

Lijia Zhang: Understand The Past of China, to Better Comprehend the Present Day Reforms

Lijia Zhang considers that if we understand China’s past, we better comprehend the present day reforms… In 1980 when I was 16, I was taken out of school and put to work at a rocket factory. A mini-Communist state, the factory fed us at dining halls, housed us in identical workers’ dormitory and indoctrinated us […]

Lijia Zhang: Chinese Women Fight to End Workplace Discrimination

Lijia Zhang, writer, columnist and social commentator, wrote an article for ChinaFile titled: Chinese Women Fight to End Workplace Discrimination, where Lijia discuses the gender inequality in the China job market. …According to a survey conducted by the All China Women’s Federation, the Chinese government’s official feminist organ, in 2011 91.9% of female students polled […]

Lijia Zhang: Chinese Women Between Past and Future

Here is Lijia Zhang‘s speech: Chinese Women between Past and Future, which she presented at the Italian Embassy in China. Three touching stories of Chinese women… My grandmother was a prostitute-turned concubine, my mother a frustrated factory worker and myself a rocket factory girl turned-international writer. Today I am going to tell you the stories of […]

Lijia Zhang’s Insights on China Today

Lijia Zhang, China-based journalist and cultural commentator, shared her observations on China Today on China’s “left-behind children” and on South China Morning Post on the identity of the mixed-race children. China’s Left Behind Children Ever since China’s reform and opening up, some 260 million people have migrated from villages to cities in search of a […]

Lijia Zhang on Her Speaking Career…

Lijia Zhang shares her personal story of being an international speaker, and tips on giving a good speech… I’ve just returned from HK where I gave a speech to the International Trademark Association’s Annual Conference about how to give a good public speech. Below is a much edited version. I became a public speaker after […]

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