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Ian Johnson: Impact of WeChat Shift on China’s Activists

What is the impact of WeChat’s rise on China’s activists? Ian Johnson talked to a few to find out and shared his insights in his article in New York Times. Still, WeChat remains a powerful tool for activists, even if Weibo’s promise of an open online society has been frustrated. Ian Johnson              Ian Johnson […]

Thomas Friedman agreeing with Peggy Liu on the Substainable Chinese Dream

Thomas Friedman wrote an article in the New York Times about the Substainable Chinese Dream. He agrees with Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE. Read below what Thomas had to say… “China doesn’t have to have rivers that run bright red with industrial waste, or our lakes and beaches smothered by thick, green algae, or 18,000 […]

Robyn Meredith’s Insights at The New York Times

Robyn Meredith wrote a high number of articles for New York Times where she expressed her opinions on different topics. You can read them here… About Robyn Meredith Robyn Meredith is the author of “The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What it Means for the Rest of Us”, published by W.W. Norton in […]

Juan Pablo Cardenal: Is China Taking Over the World?

Juan Pablo Cardenal, author of “China’s Silent Army”, debates in an article from New York Times as to whether China is taking over the world or not. Below you can read some excerpts from his opinion post. Juan’s article can be read entirely here… The combination of a strong, rising China and economic stagnation in Europe […]

LiJia Zhang: Chen Guangcheng – Banished, but Not Gone

LiJia Zhang, Beijing-based writer and the author of “Socialism Is Great! A Worker’s Memoir of the New China” published on April 29, 2013, an article in New York Times about Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer activist, who is in exile in the US. LiJia was worrying that Chen Guangcheng will have the same fate as many other […]

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