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Andy Xie: Hong Kong Economy Will Remain Weak for Many Quarters

Economist Andy Xie discusses in a recent Bloomberg interview the end of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the outlook for oil prices. Takeaways: Hong Kong economy will remain weak for many quarters; Oil prices will remain low as well; It will take a while for China to absorb the over-capacity. Watch the video […]

Andy Xie: China Slowdown will Keep Oil at $60

Leading Chinese Economist Andy Xie talks in a CNBC interview about why oil prices will stay at about $60 per barrel as China digests overcapacity and uses less energy for development.  Watch the video here… Andy Xie Dr Andy Xie 謝國忠, Shanghai-based independent economist, has just been named “ 50 Most Influential Persons in Finance”by Bloomberg, and is […]

Andy Xie’s Take on Oil Price Drop and it’s Impact on China

Leading Chinese Economist Andy Xie shared his insights on oil price drop and it’s impact on China. But Andy Xie, the often-contrarian former top Asia-Pacific economist for Morgan Stanley, warned that the massive investment overhang in China, valued at more than $6-trillion, will dramatically affect its energy demand growth, and will, as a result, rein […]

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