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Dan Steinbock in Panel Discussion on Global Economy

Dr. Dan Steinbock of India, China and America Institute joined the panel discussion of the 2012 Coface Country Risk Conference on global economy, in Singapore, where he talked about global growth. Dr Dan Steinbock is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the […]

Anil Gupta on India and China

Anil K. Gupta, the Michael Dingman Chair in Strategy and Globalization at The University of Maryland’s Smith Business School, speaks at The Silk Road Rediscovered panel discussion on understanding India and China. Dr. Anil K. Gupta Anil K. Gupta is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and globalization. He is […]

Prof Anil Gupta: The Future Role of China in the Global Economy

Prof Anil Gupta discusses the future role of China in the global economy in a CCTV panel discussion, with Phillip Yin, moderator, and Saruhan Hatipoglu, CEO of Beri Consulting… Anil Gupta Dr. Anil Gupta is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and globalisation. He is currently the Professor of Strategy and […]

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