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Dr Shirley Yu, Chinese Economist, Interviewed by BBC on the US China Tech Wars

Shirley Yu

Dr Shirley Yu, Chinese Economist, was interviewed by BBC recently to discuss about who is winning the US China tech wars. Shirley answers the question “Who is winning the US-Chin tech wars” and more in the video below: Dr Shirley Yu (于泽), is a former CCTV 9 anchor, an experienced moderator and author. She holds a PhD […]

Dr. Justin Yifu Lin Discussed Global Economics and Politics

Dr. Justin Yifu Lin, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at The World Bank, and Robert J. Zimmer, University of Chicago President, discussed global economics and politics. Topics touched upon included the Sino-American economic relationship, the global environment, China-Africa relations, and the future of governance in China. Justin Lin Professor Justin Yifu Lin is […]