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Dr Geoff Raby: China Unlikely to Change Bilateral Ways

Dr Geoff Raby shares his insights on the recent political incidents in China, and where it is heading… Dr Geoff Raby Dr Raby was the Australian Ambassador to China from February 2007 to August 2011 and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) from November 2002 to November 2006. He has […]

Pankaj Ghemawat on Global Economy

Pankaj Ghemawat shared his insights on global economy at Bloomberg: Pankaj Ghemawat Pankaj Ghemawat is one of the new generation management gurus who throws new light on corporate behaviour and particularly its global aspect. He is currently Professor of Global Strategy at the IESE Business School which is ranked as one of the top 3 […]

Andy Xie: China’s Property Bear Market…

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, says that China has entered a property bear market – one that, he predicts, will last for five years. “According to Dr Xie, this momentary recovery is not sustainable as the money supply is not picking up. Indeed, Premier Li Keqiang had himself said that the Chinese government would not […]

8 Questions: Joe Zhang, Inside China’s Shadow Banking

Wall Street Journal asked Joe Zhang 8 questions on his experience as an insider of China’s shadow banking. “Mr. Joe Zhang’s book is part memoir of his time as chairman of microfinance company Wansui Micro Credit in Guangzhou, and part reflection on the need for financial reform in China. While much of what has been […]

Anil Gupta Recent Media Coverage (Part IV)

Dr. Anil Gupta, Professor of Strategy at the University of Maryland and INSEAD graduate business school, has recently co-wrote an article for Bloomberg BusinessWeek and he also gave an interview for Biz Asia America, CCTV: 1. Anil Gupta & Haiyan Wang, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “Why Foreign Retailers Stumble in China,” September 6, 2013: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-09-06/why-foreign-retailers-stumble-in-china#p1 2. Anil […]

Morry Morgan’s New Book: Managing the Millions

What are the challenges of HR in China? You can find them out by reading Morry Morgan‘s new book, Managing the Millions: Practical Human Resource Management in China. You can buy it now from Amazon. Book description: “China’s workforce today is unrecognizable from a generation ago. The ‘Iron Rice Bowl’ has been replaced with onboarding, […]

Peggy Liu: Why it is easier for women to succeed in China

Briana Everett from the private media Leading Company wrote an article about Peggy Liu.  “Chinese women, generally speaking, and depending on what tribe you’re in, are very strong. It’s a very entrepreneurial society here. Women here have to be entrepreneurs. They’re forced into it. In China, ageism is a bigger issue.” “Even though I came […]

Andy Xie on India and China

Andy Xie opines that China has a over-lending issue, which is similar to the situation Korea faced in the 1970s. As for India, the lack of supply side is the root cause of India’s current economy issue. If the Indian government does not take appropriate actions, the country will face crisis. Dr Andy Xie 謝國忠 is […]

Keynote Speakers on China Business

Looking for business speakers for your upcoming conference in China? We have great suggestions for China Business keynote speakers for you: Joe Zhang –  China Banking expert Dambisa Moyo – renowned economist and author of Dead Aid Peggy Liu– China Dream Robyn Meredith– Asia analyst Frank-Jürgen Richter – Globalization & Emerging Countries Ann Lee – […]

Dambisa Moyo on Global Economy

Dr. Dambisa Moyo, international economist and author, discussed for The McCloskey Speaker Series on the topic of global economy and problematic aid  from developed countries for developing countries. In 2009, Dambisa was named by TIME magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She is the author of The New York Times […]

Andy Xie: What Form Should China Take for Financial Reforms?

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights for CaixinOnline on the type of financial reforms needed in China… China’s financial reforms should improve capital allocation efficiency and long-term stability. Measures to improve liquidity are not real reforms. They merely cover up bad assets longer and increase the risk of a financial crisis down the road. […]

Joe Zhang: Behind China’s shadow banking system

Joe Zhang, expert speaker on China Banking, defends the asset quality of China’s shadow banking system, saying the real risk lies in loans from the formal banking sector. Joe Zhang Joe Zhang is the Chairman of Slow Bull Capital based in Hong Kong, and also author of “Inside China’s Shadow Banking:  The Next Subprime Crisis” […]

Hong Kong-Based Business Speakers

Looking for a great business speaker based in Hong Kong for your upcoming event? We, China Speakers Agency, are the speakers bureau to help you out… Juan Pablo Cardenal – China’s Silent Army Dr Willy Lam – China Politics and Economy Expert Chandran Nair – Consumptionomics Dr Chris Chan – Asia Business Environment Emma Reynolds – […]

Peggy Liu: China is a Model for Going Green

Peggy Liu, China’s green pioneer, thinks that China is a model for going green and she explains why in her recent article: On June 1, 2008, China banned free plastic bags in grocery stores across the country. The policy has led to at least 67 billion fewer bags in its first five years. In traveling […]

Anil Gupta Recent Media Coverage (Part III: Aug – Sep 2013)

Dr. Anil Gupta, Professor of Strategy at the University of Maryland and INSEAD graduate business school, has recently co-wrote an article for Wall Street Journal, been listed and shortlisted in the Thinkers50 rankings, and he recently spoke at different events. Here is some media coverage on Anil Gupta: 1. Anil Gupta & Haiyan Wang, The […]

Joe Zhang, China Banking Speaker, Joins China Speakers Agency

We are glad to announce you that Joe Zhang 張化橋, China banking expert, joined us at China Speakers Agency. Joe Zhang Joe Zhang, Chairman of Slow Bull Capital based in Hong Kong, and also author of “Inside China’s Shadow Banking:  The Next Subprime Crisis” and 避開股市的地雷。 Zhang was Chairman of Wansui Micro Credit Company in Guangzhou, China, […]