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Peggy Liu – Sustainability Needs to Move From Gloom to Hope

 Peggy Liu wrote a blog post in Huffington Post called “Sustainability Needs to Move From Gloom to Hope”. Peggy highlights in this post the need for different vocabulary and aspirational angle when talking to consumers about sustainability. The post introduces the new UK Dream initiative launched March 7 in London, which is a spinoff of […]

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran: Need Speed and Greed

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran is an award-winning senior correspondent for the Economist.  His new book on the future of global innovation, published by Harper Collins, is “Need, Speed and Greed: How the New Rules of Innovation Can Transform Businesses, Propel Nations to Greatness, and Tame the World’s Most Wicked Problems”. Over the past few decades, globalization and Googlization have kicked […]

Peggy Liu on the Chinese Dream

“Success in the ‘American Dream,’ ” notes Peggy Liu, the founder of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, or Juccce, “used to just mean a house, a family of four, and two cars, but now it’s escalated to conspicuous consumption as epitomized by Kim Kardashian. China simply cannot follow that path — or the planet […]

Peggy Liu: Innovation and Sustainability

Peggy Liu  刘佩琪, Chairperson and co-founder of JUCCCE, is an internationally recognized expert on China’s energy landscape. Recently, she shared how being innovative can greatly improve substainablity, inlcuding facsinating examples such as how a company innovate agriculture by using 95% less water, 0% pesticides and at a factory setting, and more…   : Contact us at China Speakers Agency to […]