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Clay Shirky Available for Speaking in Asia until mid-2015

Clay Shirky is available for speaking in Asia until mid-2015. Contact us if you wish to have him as a speaker! Clay Shirky argues in this video that the history of the modern world could be rendered as the history of ways of arguing, where changes in media change what sort of arguments are possible […]

Dambisa Moyo: Is China the New Idol for Emerging Economies?

Is China the new idol for emerging economies? The developed world holds up the ideals of capitalism, democracy and political rights for all. Those in emerging markets often don’t have that luxury. Economist Dambisa Moyo states in this TED talk that a different model, embodied by China, is increasingly appealing to developing countries… Dambisa Moyo […]

Robyn Meredith on China’s dream for its own future @ TED Global 2012

Robyn Meredith spoke at TED Global Conference in 2012 on China’s dream for its own future. Helen Walters wrote a blog post about Robyn and Robyn’s TED talk; excerpts can be found below. Robyn […] is the author of The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What it Means for […]

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