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Andy Xie on China’s Property Market Trends

Chinese Economist Andy Xie cautions investors that the China’s property market is on a downward trend. Investors should also be cautious when referring to China’s Government data – and he explains why in the video here…   Dr Andy Xie 謝國忠 is Shanghai-based independent economist specialising in China and Asia. He is currently director of Rosetta .. read more

Rebecca Fannin Explores the Start-up Scene in Hong Kong

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011), explores the start-up scene in Hong Kong. Below is the extract of Rebecca’s article at Forbes: …… Every major market in the world is trying to figure out what makes the Silicon Valley model work. I see the beginnings of a startup hub happening .. read more

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Chandran Nair & Frank-Jürgen Richter @ APEC ‘Capitalism’ Debate

Chandran Nair , the Founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), and Frank-Jürgen Richter , Founder of Horasis, joined Blasts Senile and Jim Rogers at the APEC “Capitalism” Debate.  Great insights on the development path of Asia!! Here comes the video: Contact us today to engage Chandran and Frank for their insights on the future of Asia.   .. read more

Mike Walsh Talks About The Future of Work

201110181000.jpg Our best and most sought-after futurist speaker, Mike Walsh , Our best futurist speaker, Mike Walsh , was featured in the Australian Financial Review on the future of work – quoting himself as an example of the new generation of “knowledge worker: Extract of the coverage: … Walsh says the revolutionary impact of technology and social network, and gteh influx into the workforce of “digital natives (who were using keyboards before ether learned to form letters with a pencil), mean that the leaders we have now are not the sort of people we will need in the future. … Future leaders also have to be gifted communicators, to be able to transmit the vision of the company to its people.

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Rebecca Fannin Talks about Tudou and Other Video Sharing Sites in China

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011) talks about Tudou 土豆網 and other video sharing sites (Chinese YouTube equivalent) and the booming tech entrepreneurship in China. … Yes, it does exist in China, which is also an “interesting” phenomenon of the new tech companies.

Brett King: Bank 2.0 – The Future of Digital Banking

Contact us at China Speakers Agency   at i [email protected] or +852 21654126 if you would like to engage Brett for your next event. … Brett will be speaking at our 9 June Speakers Connect Showcase Event at the Hong Kong Football Club.

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The New Banking Era Has Arrived

Be inspired by Brett King’s Bank 2.0 video below on the new banking era… … Contact us at China Speakers Agency at [email protected] or +852 3489 9246 if you would like to engage Brett for your next event, or viist us for more top-notch speakers from us .

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