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Dr Andy Xie: China must draw the right lessons from Japan’s trade war with the US, and develop its technology

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights in his recent article published in SCMP that China must draw the right lessons from Japan’s trade war with the US, and develop its technology. Stagnation hasn’t done Japan in because it started with a high level of average income and a bunch of world-beating industries. […]

Ian Johnson Interviewed on Xi’s Nationalist Blogger

Ian Johnson was invited on Tom Ashbrook’s “On Point,” which is one of the most respected and popular call-in radio shows in the United States. They discussed why Xi endorsed the nationalist blogger Zhou XIaoping. Listen to the Show here: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/11/04/china-zhou-xiaoping-progadanda China Takes U.S. Aim In A War Of Words A Chinese blogger whose harsh […]

Dambisa Moyo: The Competition between China and the US and the Impact on the Emerging Markets

Economist Dambisa Moyo discusses how emerging markets are watching the competition between the opposing economic and political powers, the United States and China. Dambisa Moyo Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a renowned economist who analyzes the global macro-economy. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Dr. Moyo has an established international reputation as a thought […]

Andy Xie: Withdrawal of Stimulus Could Well Cause a Fresh Crisis

Chinese Economist Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline about the effects of stimulus withdrawal in economy. Andy warns that withdrawal of stimulus could well cause a fresh crisis. China and the United States, the primary sources of economic stimulus since 2008, will begin to unwind their stimulus in 2014. The Fed’s announcement of its […]

Martin Jacques on the South China Sea Issue

According to British scholar and China expert Martin Jacques, the Philippines must realize the United States is in decline in Asia and mend its ties with China if it has any hope of resolving territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Martin Jacques Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller “When China Rules […]

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