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China Conference Speakers

Looking for speakers for your upcoming conference in China? We have great suggestions for China conference speakers for you:  Dr Andy Xie – renowned Chinese economist Dr Geoff Raby – Former Australian Ambassador to China Ian Johnson – Pulitzer Prize-winning author, China Expert Prof Anil Gupta – INSEAD Chaired Professor of Strategy & China India […]

LiJia Zhang: Chen Guangcheng – Banished, but Not Gone

LiJia Zhang, Beijing-based writer and the author of “Socialism Is Great! A Worker’s Memoir of the New China” published on April 29, 2013, an article in New York Times about Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer activist, who is in exile in the US. LiJia was worrying that Chen Guangcheng will have the same fate as many other […]

Zhang Lijia Talks about Beijing, its Smog, and What Can’t be Buried

Zhang LiJia 張麗佳, motivational speaker, independent writer and journalist in Beijing, writes on her blog about Beijing, its Smog, and what can’t be buried. It was one of those days – the capital was blanked under heavy smog. But life went on. Yesterday I explored southern Beijing’s Liulichang area with my Polish friend Kasia, who […]

Zhang LiJia: Becoming a Public Speaker

Zhang LiJia 張麗佳, independent writer and journalist in Beijing, and author of Socialism is Great, writes on her blog about her public speaking career. Last night in Guangzhou, I gave a keynote speech at a business conference organized by London Business School for Nestle executives called Leading the Nestle Way. Basically I told my story […]

Lijia Zhang’s Reflections from her India Trip

Zhang Lijia , our beloved motivational speaker from China, has just been back from her travel in India.  Below is her thoughts from her trip… last post from India – rubbing shoulders with a Bollywood star in Bhubaneswar cultured Calcutta life and death in Varanasi Mumbai – a city of extremes My Second Day in Delhi – my two dinners my […]

Zhang Lijia Interviewed About China’s Incoming First Lady

Zhang Lijia ,  motivational speaker from China and author of “Socialism is Great”, was interviewed by The National on China’s incoming first lady, Ms Peng Liyuan, Chinese new leader, Xi Jinping’s wife: “It goes right back to the Empress Dowager (who ran China for the last 47 years of the Ching Dynasty), people think that if […]

Zhang Lijia’s Take on the Gu Kailai Case

Gu Kailai, the wife of former high-flying Chinese lawmaker Bo Xilai on charges of murdering UK businessman Neil Heywood has ended.  Gu was given a suspended death sentence. Zhang Lijia, independent writer and journalist in Beijing author of Socialism is Great, says the trial has fascinated China, providing a rare glimpse inside the world of the […]

Lijia Zhang’s thoughts on the US

Zhang Lijia , our beloved motivational speaker from China, has just been back from her travel in the US.  Below is her thoughts from her trip… My Impression of US and Its Social Mobility « lijia zhang’s blog lijiazhang.wordpress.com8/6/12 Having just returned from US, it feels like to have fallen back to the reality. What an […]

Chinese Motivational Speaker, Zhang Lijia’s Touching Story

Our beloved Chinese Motivational Speaker, Zhang Lijia, shared her very touching personal story, “A Frong in a Well” at the recent TEDxMongKok in Hong Kong. She transformed herself from a factory worker into an international journalist and speaker today.  Amazing story! Contact us at China Speakers Agency to engage Lijia for your next event!

Zhang LiJia Interviewed by Lonely Planet about her life in Beijing

Zhang LiJia , our beloved speaker from Beijing and author of best-seller Socialism is Great, was recently being featured by Lonely Planet on her life in Beijing. … Want to know more in-depth information about today’s Beijing and China, contact us at +852 3489 9246 or [email protected] to engage Zhang LiJia for your next event.