What Differentiates China Speakers Agency?

When you’re looking for a speaking agency to provide you with the highest quality speakers and performers to take your organization’s events to the next level you likely find yourself awash in a sea of options. If this is the first time you’ve sought a speaker’s agency you may not have the right evaluation criteria to decide who to work with, and if you’re an old pro you’re probably tired of sifting through agencies which you know don’t meet your needs. Both groups of people will benefit by working with our professionals at the China Speakers Agency for a few big reasons.


Based in Hong Kong, Representing All of Asia

Our agency is located in Hong Kong, one of the biggest cosmopolitan centers of Asia. If Hong Kong is known for one thing it’s international business. Not only do we create intimate, first-hand relationships with many prominent Asian businesses but we are geographically positioned to meet all of your needs. Our speakers come from all over the world and we can deploy them anywhere your organization or event requires.

A Bi-Lingual Agency

At China Speakers Agency we speak both English and Chinese, allowing us to fluently meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Not only do we personally speak both languages but we represent speakers who speak English, Chinese or both, providing an incredible level of flexibility to best serve your speaking requirements.

Of course we also understand there’s more to communication than simple language, which is why we pride ourselves on being well versed on the cultures of all the countries we represent and which our clients and speakers hail from. We understand the subtle differences between English and Chinese business practices, while also appreciating and constantly seeking those points of intersection and mutual understanding where they meet and connect.

A Wide Range of Speakers and Topics

You’re going to have a difficult time finding another company with the same range of speakers we represent. Not only do our speakers engage both English and Chinese speaking audiences they also represent multiple nations, cultures and societies. We represent hundreds of different speakers who cover every possible topic your organization could ever need. We are constantly increasing the number of speakers we represent to better meet your needs.

All of our speakers are consummate professionals with substantial experience and credentials. Many of our speakers are published authors, most of them write for prestigious journals and newspapers like the New York Times, some of them have been featured prominently on popular television programs and all of them have engaged, informed and entertained audiences of every size.

You can continue to try and find your way through the large number of speaking agencies out there to fill your organization’s event, or you can simply work with our agency to find all the speakers you need under one roof. Unlike with our competitors, when you commission a speaker from China Speakers Agency you can rest assured you will always receive an experience you and your audience will never forget.

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