What’s Next – China, Europe and the World…

What’s Next – China, Europe and the World…

China Biz Ep. 4: Discussion: Can Europe Be Saved?
China Biz: Discussion: Can Europe Be Saved?


China can’t save Europe.  No one can. Only Europeans can, through increasing work relative to leisure. If Europe doesn’t change, financial assistance merely postpones the day of reckoning. (full article)

Andy Xie, Renowned China economist, former Morgan Stanley’s Chief Economist for Asia Pacific 

What we’re seeing is the real end game.  We’re coming to the end of government’s ability to borrow money to fund current spending that’s beyond the growth of their economy.  (full interview)

~ John Mauldin, Renowned financial expert, author of Best-seller, Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How it Changes Everything


Even I would like to be proved wrong, Europeans are addicted to a sense of entitlement… (full interview)

~ Dr. Francesco M. Bongiovanni, author of The Decline and Fall of Europe 


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