Dr Willy Lam’s Insights on China’s 18th Party Congress

Expert on Chinese politics, Dr Willy Lam, 林和立 shared his insights on China’s 18th Party Congress:

Inside China’s Smoke-Filled Room

Foreign Policy (blog) – ‎Nov 7, 2012‎
BY WILLY LAM | NOVEMBER 7, 2012. HONG KONG — With its control of 1.3 billion people — and an economy expected to surpass that of the United States in the next 20 years — the Chinese Communist Party is the most powerful political machine in the 

Hu’s final speech as leader signals rift among China’s ruling elite

Globe and Mail – ‎9 Nov 2012
But Willy Lam, an expert in Communist Party politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said it was unprecedented to have two different versions of the general secretary’s work report, as the address to the party congress is known. In another break from 

China opens power transfer with pageantry that keeps leadership politicking off 

Fox News – ‎9 Nov 2012
“Even though this congress is about rejuvenation, passing the power to the young, what we see is the opposite,” said Willy Lam of Chinese University of Hong Kong. ___. Associated Press writers Gillian Wong, Christopher Bodeen, Didi Tang and Louise Watt 

Electing leaders? China shows how it’s done – boringly

Firstpost – ‎8 Nov 2012
According to the law, as noted Chinawatcher Willy Lam says, the 25 members of the ruling Politburo, and the more elite group of China’s supreme ruling council, the Politburo Standing Committee, will be selected from among the Central Committee members.

Hu not expected to give up all his powers

Washington Times – ‎Nov 7, 2012‎
However, Mr. Hu will likely stay on as chairman of the military commission, according to veteran China watcherWilly Lam at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He may do so for as long as “five years, particularly given the fact that he has to watch over his 

Hu Warns Party Over Graft

Radio Free Asia – ‎8 Nov 2012
According to Willy Wo-lap Lam, former China editor of the South China Morning Post and author of five books on China, recent references by Hu and Wen to “political reform” in effect mean little more than some bureaucratic fat-trimming. “This means no

China’s Hu warns graft could trigger ‘collapse’

Peninsula On-line – 9 Nov 2012
“The language is surprisingly strong but in terms of us seeing new action, it is doubtful,” said analyst Willy Lam of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, noting that past proclamations had yielded little change. “It is very difficult to solve corruption because it has 

True Agenda of China’s New Leader Still a Mystery

CNBC.com – ‎Nov 5, 2012‎
That means he has been managing internal Communist Party issues, rather than tackling tougher issues involving the economy or public policy that might have given more of a clue to his political or business bent, according to China analyst Willy Lam

Hu warns corruption threatens China’s future

The Australian Financial Review – ‎8 Nov 2012‎
Referring to China’s warning of maritime ambitions, Chinese University of Hong Kong politics analyst Willy Lamsaid the comments would sound threatening to Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. “I think it is a warning to those countries that it is serious about 

China Party Fills Top Military Posts

Wall Street Journal – ‎Nov 4, 2012‎
 Military Commission and is considered close to President Hu. “Gen Fan was supposed to be heading toward retirement,” said Willy Lam, an expert on Chinese politics and senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation. He said former President Jiang and Gen.

Scandal ‘Lesson’ Still Unlearned

Radio Free Asia – ‎Nov 7, 2012‎
“They will want a heavy sentence to be meted out to Bo Xilai for corruption–maybe 20 years,” said Willy Wo-lap Lam, former China editor of the South China Morning Post and author of five books on China. “This will set the stage for a more rigorous anti-graft 

Dynamism to bring change

Oman Daily Observer – ‎Nov 6, 2012‎
But he may lack the strength of character or charisma,” said Willy Lam, a China politics analyst at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Some people in Beijing express worry that he might be like Wen Jiabao and he might not be able to enforce his policy 

Chinese elite politics: It’s still a man’s world

Las Vegas Sun – ‎Nov 5, 2012‎
Willy Lam, a historian at Chinese University of Hong Kong, says the climb to power typically begins with a local leadership post that gets parlayed into jobs overseeing increasingly large constituencies until, ideally, one is running a province or a big city.

Hu Jintao may stay on as head of the Chinese Military Commission for another 

Shanghaiist – ‎Nov 6, 2012‎
Willy Lam, a China politics expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said, “Hu Jintao would want to serve another five years (as CMC chief), particularly given the fact that he has to watch over his political protégés … and protect his political legacy.

China’s enigmatic ‘princeling’ Xi takes top spot

GMA News – ‎Nov 6, 2012‎
Xi has avoided revealing any leanings that might threaten his status as a consensus candidate, backing non-controversial policies and positions during his rise up the party ranks, said China political analyst Willy Lam. “He’s a team player. He played by the 

China’s Final Bend Toward a New Politburo Standing Committee

World Policy Institute (blog) – ‎Nov 6, 2012‎
While there is not yet unanimity, reporters, analysts, and commentators like Willy Lam at the Jamestown Foundation; Keith Bradsher, David Barboza, Edward Wong, and Jonathan Ansfield at The New York Times; Shi Jiangtao at the South China Morning Post; 

China Set To Usher In New Era Amidst Growing Demands For Reform

Worldcrunch – ‎Nov 5, 2012‎
He wanted to put Jia Qinglin and Huang Ju, two men close to him, on the Permanent Committee,” explainsWilly Lam, professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Traditionally there were five or seven members, which is better for discussions and 
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