Zhang LiJia – The Moral Hole of China…

Zhang LiJia

zhang lijia.jpg has a fascinating background which provides her with a truly unique perspective which she has shared with countless engaged audiences as a professional speaker.

At the age of 16 Zhang was removed from school and put to work at a rocket factory. She remained in this job for a decade until she escaped the factory by teaching herself English and learned journalism in the U.K. She soon returned to her native country where she further pursued her career detailing the realities of life for the often ignored members of China’s society.

These powerful stories have been published in prominent periodicals ranging from Newsweek to the Far Eastern Economic Review and led to Zhang writing and releasing her memoirs titled “Socialism is Great!” Recently Zhang has received significant attention for her passionate and pointed article she wrote for The Guardian detailing the great moral hole she worries her country has fallen into, a response triggered by the tragic and preventable death of a 2 year old girl in Foshan.

In addition to speaking about moral and cultural issues Zhang is well known for giving her articulate, well reasoned and thoroughly unique perspective on the ever shifting business culture of China as well as the ever evolving women play in the country. Additionally Zhang has been known to give very powerful and motivating lectures expounding on her personal identification with the fable of the Frog in a Well.

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