Andy Xie’s Recent Insights on the Chinese and Global Economy – June and July 2012

  • Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist shared his insights on the Chinese adn the global economy…
    China’s Version of ‘Too Big to Fail’ [2012-07-16]

      A bank facade in Qingdao Europe recently had something to cheer about with the apparent discovery

  • Dealing with a Double Whammy [2012-06-29]

      By most measures China’s economy has slowed quickly since the last quarter of 2011. Electricity pr

  • The German Example [2012-06-08]

      After failing to form a government after last month’s parliamentary election, Greece is redoing th

  • The End of the Con [2012-06-04]

      China’s economic management overly relies on juicing up confidence and encouraging speculation on

  • Only Reforms Can Revive Growth[2012-05-17]

      China’s April economic data continue to show deceleration. The odds are that the slowdown in the …

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