Andy Xie’s, Renowned Chinese Economist, Recent Comments on the Economy

Dr Andy Xie ,Shanghai-based independent economist specialising in China and Asia, shared his comments on the global economy as follows:

Andy Xie: the Fed or early introduction of QE3 | Financial Info
Andy Xie Andy Xie (Rosetta Stone Advisors chief economist) France, Greece’s political elections the global financial markets.

Andy Xie: Nothing Left for a Vanquished Virtuous Cycle | Brèves
By Caixin
Europe and America have run out of monetary tricks and emerging-market support, leaving their economies on the brink… Read.
LEAP 2020

Emerging market woes to shadow US, Europe
By Andy Xie BEIJING ( Caixin Online ) — Industrial production is stalling in India, and its credit rating may be downgraded to junk. Power consumption in China has slowed to about half of last year’s level, while consumer price inflation remains
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Medical Centre faces GP shortfall

The Young Witness
SECURING an appointment with a doctor at Young District Medical Centre may be all that more tricky now with the departure of Dr Andy Xie to Canberra. Young District Medical Centre practice manager David Kay said Dr Xie saw about 160 patients a week
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