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Dr Andy Xie: As the trade war reduces China’s US exports, structural reforms – not inflating away debt – are the right response to economic disengagement

Dr Andy Xie

In Dr Andy Xie ‘s recent SCMP article, he argued that as the trade war reduces China’s US exports, structural reforms, not inflating away debt, are the right response to economic disengagement. If China goes back to inflation to solve its debt problem, the resulting erosion of confidence in the renminbi would have a profound […]

Edith Yeung: Why I Invest in China

Venture Capitalist and tech executive Edith Yeung shares her insights on where China shows the most promise and why it still makes sense to invest in the country even amidst the fraught US-China tech relations. Edith believes that China is at the cutting edge of AI, e-commerce and mobile payments. She sat down for an […]

Dr Shirley Yu Interviewed by BBC News on the Trump-Xi meeting at G20

Dr Shirley Yu was interviewed by BBC News before the Trump-Xi meeting. She predicted that “there won’t be a trade deal, at best a truce on the additional tariffs. Delay tactics serve both countries’ interests. Trump can afford to go tougher on China after he wins second term of office.” Shirley has been pretty spot on! […]

Leroy Chiao Made Guest Appearance at Montblanc StarWalker Launch Event

Astronaut Dr Leroy Chiao was invited to make guest appearance at the Montblanc StarWalker Launch Event, sharing the stage with Hugh Jackman, Charles Melton, Diane Kruger! Take a look at some of the event photos below: Read more about it here or watch Leroy’s video here. Leroy Chiao 焦立中 worked at NASA for 15 years before […]

Dr Andy Xie: China must draw the right lessons from Japan’s trade war with the US, and develop its technology

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights in his recent article published in SCMP that China must draw the right lessons from Japan’s trade war with the US, and develop its technology. Stagnation hasn’t done Japan in because it started with a high level of average income and a bunch of world-beating industries. […]

Dr Erez Morag, Innovation Expert, Speaking in Hong Kong and Macau

We are thrilled to have Dr Erez Morag, Sports Scientist who designed the sports shoes for Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Liu Xiang, Roger Federer, and many more to speak in Hong Kong and Macau for the “Asian Insurance Forum 2013” hosted by Societe Generale, and the Fleet Management Senior Management Conference last week. Nevermind the typhoon! Erez […]

Andy Xie’s Insights on the Australian Dollar and Property Market

Dr Andy Xie, Renowned Chinese Economist, spoken at the Financial Review and IG Inflection Point last week.  He says that the Australia’s dollar was strong because of the high interest rates, but a fall in the currency won’t be enough to prevent a drop in the housing market…. Here is the link of his interview: […]

Andy Xie: Chinese Government to Limit its Size Or Face A Financial Crisis

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, opines that the Chinese government has to limit it’s size or the country will face a financial crisis. Andy Xie observes that bank loans and money supply rose sharply in January. There are signs that many local governments with new leaders want to try an old trick, pushing fixed-asset investment (FAI) […]

Speaker Engagement Tips Shared by Our Founder @ MIX Magazine Interview

What are the essentials you should pay attention to when engaging a speaker through a speakers bureau?  Our founder Priscilla shares her views at the MIX Magazine Interview: Mix Magazine Interview Feb 2013 on the Speakers Bureau Services in Asia by China_speakers   “For clients who hear about the speakers bureau concept for the first time, […]

Rebecca Fannin Explores the Start-up Scene in Hong Kong

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011), explores the start-up scene in Hong Kong. Below is the extract of Rebecca’s article at Forbes: …… Every major market in the world is trying to figure out what makes the Silicon Valley model work. I see the beginnings of a startup hub happening […]

Dr Frank Richter Optimistic of China Growth

Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter – Chairman of Horasis, the global think tank, is optimistic of China’s continued growth.  Here is his recent article in SCMP:   Chinese officials reacted with caution to the country’s lower growth rate. Its gross domestic product growth of “only” 7.8 per cent last year compares well of course to those of advanced economies […]

Mandarin Speaking Top-notch Speakers

Are you looking for Mandarin speaking speakers for your upcoming event?  Many of our speakers are bilingual – speak fluent Mandarin and English, and would be great options for your international event’s need.  Here are a few of them… Dr Andy Xie Renowned Chinese Economist Dr Willy Lam China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert Dr Frank Richter […]

Helen Wang Talks About the Five New Trends of Chinese Consumers

Helen H. Wang is an award-winning author of The Chinese Dream, consultant, and expert on China’s middle class.  Here she shares her insights on the five trends of the Chinese Consumers: Value Seekers A quintessential trait of Chinese consumers is that they are value seekers. They will search hard for the best deals, to make sure they […]

Andy Xie on the US, China and Global Economies: Money Can’t Buy Growth

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, opines that money can’t buy growth.  And here’s why: The global economy was a debt bubble, functioning on China over-borrowing and investing and the West over-borrowing and consuming. The dynamic came to an end when the debt crises exposed debt levels in the West as too high. The last […]

Li Cunxin Talks about Efficiency and Priorities

World-renowned Chinese motivational speaker and ballet dancer Li Cunxin, author of “Mao’s Last Dancer”, shares  his insights on how to operate efficiently, stick to the top priorities and stay focused… Li CunXin Li Cunxin’s journey is simply remarkable. He was born into utter poverty in Mao’s communist China, at a very young age he was selected […]

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