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Li Cunxin Talks about Efficiency and Priorities

World-renowned Chinese motivational speaker and ballet dancer Li Cunxin, author of “Mao’s Last Dancer”, shares  his insights on how to operate efficiently, stick to the top priorities and stay focused… Li CunXin Li Cunxin’s journey is simply remarkable. He was born into utter poverty in Mao’s communist China, at a very young age he was selected […]

Willy Lam: China Social Conflicts

Dr Willy Lam, 林和立, expert on Chinese politics,  shared his insights on China’s social conflicts: (Video in Chinese) Willy Lam With more than 30 years of experience in writing and researching about China, Willy Wo-Lap LAM is a recognized authority on areas including the Chinese Communist Party, public administration, foreign policy, the People’s Liberation Army, as well as […]

Lijia Zhang’s Reflections from her India Trip

Zhang Lijia , our beloved motivational speaker from China, has just been back from her travel in India.  Below is her thoughts from her trip… last post from India – rubbing shoulders with a Bollywood star in Bhubaneswar cultured Calcutta life and death in Varanasi Mumbai – a city of extremes My Second Day in Delhi – my two dinners my […]

Helen Wang: The Chinese Dream

In The Chinese Dream, a groundbreaking book about the rising middle class in China, Forbes columnist and China expert Helen Wang challenges us to recognize that some of our fears about China are grossly misplaced. As a result of China’s new capitalist paradigm, a burgeoning middle class—calculated to reach 800 million within the next fifteen […]

Andy Xie: Predicting the 2013 Economy

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, predicts that 2013 will be a year of stagnation.  Below are his more specific advices on the 2013 economy at the beginning of the new year at Caixin : Some Predictions Last year I was bullish on the stocks of MNCs and precious metals, and bearish on industrial metals and […]

Ian Johnson on Southern Weekend Incident and It’s Impact

 Ian Johnson, Pulitzer Prize winner, China journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and author of Wild Grass: Three Stories of Change in Modern China, writes on Southern Weekend incident and it’s impact in New York Times: …… Indeed, Mr. Xi seems to be casting himself in the mold of Deng, who was known for bold economic reforms but […]

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran: Need Speed and Greed

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran is an award-winning senior correspondent for the Economist.  His new book on the future of global innovation, published by Harper Collins, is “Need, Speed and Greed: How the New Rules of Innovation Can Transform Businesses, Propel Nations to Greatness, and Tame the World’s Most Wicked Problems”. Over the past few decades, globalization and Googlization have kicked […]

Dr Willy Lam’s Insights on China and Hong Kong Politics (Late Dec 2012)

Dr Willy Lam, 林和立, expert on Chinese politics,  shared his insights on China and Hong Kong politics: The ABC of China politics in 2012 China Daily-2012年12月24日 “In a sense, 2012 will go down as the Bo Xilai year,” said Hong Kong-based analyst Willy Lam. Bo’s trial – for involvement in murder, corruption … Thousands protest against Hong Kong leader Radio […]

Michael Anti: Weibo and the Chinese Internet

Michael Anti (Zhao Jing), a key figure in China’s new journalism and the Chinese Internet talks about China’s Internet policy, namely “Clone and Block”, and the importance of Weibo, which gradually, becomes the channel for ordinary people to express views or even rant / petition. Michael Anti Michael Anti (Zhao Jing), a key figure in […]

Rebecca Fannin: 10 Startup Asia Predictions

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011), published recently her predictions on the 10 trends for Startup Asia in 2013 in Forbes: 1. Silicon Valley will remain the global tech hub followed by China though innovation centers in clusters around the world will matter more. Think Indonesia, Brazil and Russia, and of course, the perennial, Israel. London too will […]

Andy Xie: Chinese Companies and Government Need to Improve Efficiency

Renowned Chinese economist Andy Xie, opined that the Chinese companies and government need to improve efficiency, otherwise slow down is inevitable. China’s household consumption is about one-third of GDP. It is low because labor income accounts for just over 40 percent of GDP. Gray income is probably 10 percent of GDP. Most money in China goes to the […]

Andy Xie Pessimistic on China Economy Despite World Bank Upgrades

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, remains pessimistic on China Economy despite World Bank upgrades.  Below are the recent news with Andy’s analysis: Is China’s rebound for real? Don’t bet on it MoneyWeek There’s a great piece on China’s problems by Andy Xie in the South China Morning Post. It’s well worth a read. Xie argues that China’s growth has been based … […]

Peggy Liu: Cultural Bridges – Service Jobs of the 21st Century

Peggy Liu, Chairperson and Founder of JUCCCE, is an internationally recognized expert on China’s energy landscape. In this talk, Peggy speaks about the emerging importance of cultural translators in an increasingly complex and globalized world.  Very inspiring insights from Peggy that many omitted. Peggy Liu Peggy Liu  刘佩琪, Chairperson and co-founder of JUCCCE, is an internationally […]

Zhang Lijia Interviewed About China’s Incoming First Lady

Zhang Lijia ,  motivational speaker from China and author of “Socialism is Great”, was interviewed by The National on China’s incoming first lady, Ms Peng Liyuan, Chinese new leader, Xi Jinping’s wife: “It goes right back to the Empress Dowager (who ran China for the last 47 years of the Ching Dynasty), people think that if […]

Michael Anti’s Insights on the Chinese Society

Michael Anti (Zhao Jing), a key figure in China’s new journalism, shares his insights on the China society today – about Deng Xiaoping’s role, morality and also the impact of the Internet…. The Resurgent Elite Legitimized Deng’s Government There Was No Morality After 1989 The Internet Facilitates Social Mobility Michael Anti Michael Anti (Zhao Jing), […]

Andy Xie on 2013 Global Economy

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, shares his insights on the 2013 Global Economy (Presentation in Chinese). In his presentation, Andy talks about that areas to look at to predict the economy.  The impact of the Euro crisis, the US economy, the ageing population, QE3, property market and stock market in China, commodity prices, Australia economy and […]