China Expert Willy Lam quoted by International media (Jan-Feb 2011)

Our China expert, Willy Lam, has been interviewed / quoted by various international media on China matters: China takes no chances Asia Times Online – Willy Lam – ‎February 4, 2011‎ Beijing is taking no chances regarding the possible impact that the "color" revolutions raging in North Africa and Middle East may have on … China takes […]

Mke Walsh: Clone Wars And Emerging Markets

Our best Futurist speaker, Mike Walsh interviewed Turkish entrepreneur Yunus Guvenen during his earlier stay in Istanbul on how emerging markets succeed by  ‘cloning’ of Western web concepts.  The video clip here may shed some light on the China market as well… Contact us at China Speakers Agency at [email protected] or +852 3489 9246 if […]

Jack Perkowski: China’s Banks Tighten Credit

Our China expert, Mr. Perkowski’s (Mr China), observes that China’s bank tighten credit: Inflation and tight credit are proving to be the two big economic issues in China this year. On February 9, the People’s Bank of China, China’s central bank, raised the one-year borrowing rate by 25 basis points to 6.06 percent, and the […]

Mike Walsh: How Big is the Web in China?

Leading futurist  and author of Futuretainmetn, Mike Walsh talks about how China has already overtook the US in its number of online users – and what does this really mean for the future of the global Web? Contact us at China Speakers Agency at  [email protected] or +852 3489 9246 if you would like to engage […]

China Today: Exceptionally Modern Airports

China is developing at light-year speed. Below are the photos of airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong respectively – with most modern design and advance technology. Photos from Want to understand better the development of China today, engage our China experts, including Willy Lam and Jack Perkowski and many more to speak in […]

Mike Walsh: Rise of McDonalds Wedding in Hong Kong

Our best Futurist Speaker, Mike Walsh, was speaking at the McDonalds franchise owners meeting in Adelaide and one of the stories he shared was the dramtic rise of McDonlds wedding in Hong Kong… Interesting perspectives on the differnt perceptions of the golden arches brand in Asia. Coverage of the phenomenon in The New York Times. […]

China’s Social Media Landscape

Infographic from Fash Company. Want to better understand the social media landscape in China and it’s impact on business?  Contact us at China Speakers Agency at [email protected] or +852 3489 9246 if you would like to engage our renowned futurist speaker,  Mike Walsh for your next event, or viist us for more top-notch China experts […]

Dr Willy Lam Speaking at HKGCC on China’s 12th Five-Year Plan

Our China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert, Willy Lam will be speaking at Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) on China’s 12th Five-Year Plan.  Below please find the event info: China’s Five-Year Plan is a critically important tool used by the government to achieve its development objectives by mapping out in five-year cycles the […]

Mr Perkowski, Mr China’s prediction of China in 2011

Our China expert, Mr. Perkowski’s (Mr China) 2011 Predictions on China, which is picked up by and others. Jack predicts that: China’s economy will grow at a sustainable 9 percent in 2011 Inflation will not be a problem in China and the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) will stay below 3.5 percent. The renminbi will […]