Edith Yeung: Difficult times are often the best ones for early-stage private markets

Edith Yeung

Edith Yeung, general partner at Race Capital, an early-stage Silicon Valley venture capital fund, said the most volatile, difficult times are often the best ones for early-stage private markets.

Here are some highlights from the article citing her interview:

She cited as an example the 2008 financial crisis, which produced many “unicorns” during the tough business environment.

“When company valuations come down, competition lessens, founders show their true colors, and winners ultimately emerge,” Yeung told China Daily.

She advised startups to think about their contingency plans: “Can they cut down expenses without hurting their businesses?

“They also need to ask themselves if they can survive and withstand a few poor (economic) quarters if the economy goes into a recession,” Yeung added.

“My prediction is, the rest of the world will follow China’s footsteps and likely follow a similar pattern in China with a sharp drop in the number of investments and reduced funding this coming quarter,” Yeung said. She added that United States VC funding has already fallen by more than 26 percent year-on-year.

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Edith Yeung

Edith Yeung is a venture capitalist, technology executive, and a China Internet expert. She is also the author and creator of the China Internet Report, an annual report on China technology trends widely popular among investors and corporate executives.

Selected by Inc’s Magazine as one of the Silicon Valley investors you must know, Edith Yeung is a partner at 500 Startups – the world’s most active early seed investor. She has invested in over 40 mobile, AI and blockchain startups including Silk Labs (acquired by Apple), Fleksy (acquired by Pinterest), Human (acquired by Mapbox), AISense, DayDayCook, AppOnBoard, Hooked, Oasis Labs, Stellar, Solana, CoCos-BCX, Palantir and many more.

Before 500, Edith was previously a GM at Dolphin Browser, a Sequoia-backed mobile browser with over 150 million installs worldwide. Edith also worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Siebel, AMS, AT&T Wireless and Autodesk.

She has been featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, SCMP, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS, NPR, TechCrunch, Asia Society, The Economist and many more.

Edith’s speaking topics are:

  • Technology Trends
  • China Technology and Start-up Scene
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Autonomous vehicles

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