First book by Peggy Liu “Mesmerize the Media” reached #1 bestseller in four separate Amazon categories

Peggy Liu has just released her first book “Mesmerize the Media: Maximize Your Impact With More Press” on Amazon and it has already reached #1 in four separate categories!

Peggy Liu is TIME’s Hero of the Environment and “China’s Green Goddess” and the author of “Mesmerize the Media: Maximize Your Impact With More Press.” She shares practical advice from her personal experience as one of the highest profile environmentalists around the world to help women create their personal brand, get more press time for their cause, and look great doing it.

She is theUS founder of Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE), Peggy travels the world as a public speaker talking about the greening of China.

Peggy Liu

A Media Masterclass for Women

Let’s get real. As a woman, it’s harder to get media visibility. Are you worried that lack of media savviness prevents you from reaching more people with your message and limits your impact? In today’s media-connected world, you need to be a compelling spokesperson and not just an expert. Traditional media training fails to address the unique needs of women.

As TIME’s Hero of the Environment and “China’s Green Goddess,” Peggy Liu is one of the highest profile environmentalists in the world. Now she shares practical, immediately actionable advice to help raise your media profile from her personal experiences. Peggy has helped hundreds of women leaders create their personal brand, get more press time, and look great doing it.

In this provocative and honest Media Masterclass for Women, she walks you step-by-step to:

– Gain confidence on-stage and on-camera.
– Build charisma to connect with and inspire audiences.
– Create a unique personal brand that aligns your public and private personas.
– Make press beg you for interviews as your industry’s go-to guru.
– Create a memorable style with clothing, hair, makeup, posture, voice.
– Shine across different media formats, from TED talks to documentaries to Vogue photoshoots.
– Craft catchy messages that cut through the noise.

If you are a woman who wants more media coverage to increase your influence and impact more lives, this book is for you. Put these tips into practice and get immediate results now.

Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu is Chairperson of JUCCCE, a non-profit organization creating a livable China. As one of the leaders in China’s sustainability advocacy, her work encompasses ecolivable cities, clean energy, reimagining prosperity, and sustainable diets. Because of her useful contributions in the field, Peggy Liu has been given several accolades including:

  • Time Magazine Hero of the Environment
  • Foreign Policy’s shaper of US-China relations
  • Forbes “Women to Watch in Asia”
  • World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
  • the Hillary Step for Climate Change Solutions
  • China Business News Weekly (“China top 50 innovative business leaders”)
  • Global Times (“Green Goddess”)
  • L’Officiel (“China’s Most Successful Women”)

Prior to pursuing her passion for sustainability, Peggy was a venture capitalist in Shanghai, an ecommerce pioneer in Silicon Valley, a software marketing executive, a McKinsey consultant, and a computer programmer. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and completed public policy programs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. Peggy is currently a professor at China Academy of Governance.

She was also an advisor to several companies like Marks & Spencer, FTSE, HP, World Economic Forum, and the Clinton Global Initiative, The Hillary Institute. She currently does advisory work for The EAT Forum, which focuses on how to feed people sustainably.  She appears regularly in documentaries, news and events such as Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN, TED, WEF, Voice of America.

Peggy has recently been involved in promoting health eating habits in China for the young generation through “A New Way To Eat” program and the documentary “Cities Changing Diabetes”. Peggy Liu has also authored “A New Way to Eat” for United Nations Environment Programme magazine “Our Planet” and  “Kids as Food Heroes: Piloting a New Way to Eat in China” for Huffington Post on Jun 3, 2015.

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