Jack Perkowski: Investment Opportunities in China: A Personal Journey

Jack Perkowski

Jack Perkowski, nicknamed Mr China, shared his own personal journey on how to create a successful business in China in his recent presentation.

Watch the video below to gain more insight into Jack’s work and learn more about doing business in China

Jack Perkowski

Jack Perkowski, also fondly called “Mr. China”, has been in China’s business scene since the early 90s.

Upon graduating Cum Laude from Yale (1970), where he received the Gordon Brown Memorial Prize awarded each year to the outstanding member of the Junior Class, and the Harvard Business School (1973) where he graduated with High Distinction and was named a Baker Scholar, Jack Perkowski spent 20 years on Wall Street, rising to head of Investment Banking at PaineWebber.

Over the course of his career on Wall Street, Jack held a variety of positions in PaineWebber’s Investment Banking Division. In 1987, Jack negotiated, and then renegotiated after the stock market collapse on Black Monday, October 19th, a $300 million equity infusion into PaineWebber by the Yasuda Life Insurance Company of Japan.

In 1990, well before others recognized the significant role that China would play in the global economy, Jack spent three years investigating opportunities in Asia and China, leading to the founding of ASIMCO Technologies in 1994, a major industrial enterprise in China’s automotive industry, which he built and ran for fifteen years before it was sold to Bain Capital in 2009.

Jack served as Chairman of ASIMCO’s Board of Directors and was Chief Executive Officer of the company from 1994 to 2008.

Under Jack’s leadership, ASIMCO gained a reputation for developing local management and integrating a broad based China operation into the global economy. ASIMCO was three times named one of the “Ten Best Employers in China” in surveys conducted by Hewitt Associates and leading news organizations in Asia. In 2008, Jack was designated by China Auto News one of “30 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in China’s Auto Components Industry over the 30 Years of Economic Reform,” the only foreigner to receive this distinction.

On top of these accomplishments, Jack also holds esteemed positions:

  • China Advisory Council of Magna International Inc. (one of the world’s largest auto suppliers)
  • Board of Advisers for the Center For Emerging Markets at Northeastern University in the United States
  • Board of Advisers of Transmetrics, Inc. (European logistics software company)
  • Chairman of the International Advisory Board of Management and Economics (IABME) at Tianjin University in China
  • NonExecutive Chairman of OC3 Entertainment, Inc. (leading facial animation company)
  • Non-Executive Chairman of Talkr, Inc. (creator of mobile phone applications) .

Widely recognized as an expert on doing business in China, Jack authored “Managing the Dragon: How I’m Building a Billion Dollar Business In China”,published by Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, in March 2008. The Chinese edition of the book was published by China Youth Press in May 2008. Jack has also written numerous articles on China and doing business in the country for the Far Eastern Economic Review, AmCham’s China Brief, BusinessForum China, Huffington Post and other publications.

Jack is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of China to the broadcast media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR and CCTV, as well as a variety of audiences worldwide: universities, business schools, corporate and industry conferences, and various chapters of the Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, YPO and other professional organizations. He provides timely insights into ongoing developments in the country on www.managingthedragon.com.
Jack‘s keynotes and programs are:

  • Doing Business in China
  • Business Outlook for China
  • Investment Opportunities in China

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