Joseph Divanna, Renowned Banking Strategies, Joins China Speakers Agency

We are most delighted to have Joseph Divanna, Renowned Banking Strategies, joining us at China Speakers Agency.

Joseph DiVanna 约瑟夫· 迪万纳

Joseph DiVanna is the Managing Director of Maris Strategies, a Cambridge-based think-tank for financial services. Author of numerous books on banking, economics, technology and strategy his views on the changing world of banking can be read monthly in publications such as The Banker magazine, Financial World, Islamic Business & Finance, New Horizons and The Middle East Banker. Current research projects include: GCC Currency Union, Islamic Monetary Union, Social Financial Cohesion in Sub Saharan Africa and The Competitiveness of bank fees and income.

201109051624.jpg Joseph DiVanna 是Maris战略公司的常务理事,Maris 战略公司是位于剑桥的一个金融服务智囊团。Joseph在银行服务、经济、技术与策略等领域著书,您也可以从《银行家》杂志、《金融世界》、《伊斯兰商业与金融》、《新视野》与《中东银行家》等期刊上读到Joseph关于不断变化的银行业的观点。Joseph目前的研究项目包括:GCC 货币联盟、伊斯兰货币联盟、撒哈拉以南非洲地区的社会金融凝聚力以及银行收费与收入的竞争力等。

Contact us at or +852 3489 9246 if you are interested in engaging Mr DiVanna to speak at your next event.

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