Mike Walsh Talks About The Future of Work


Our best and most sought-after futurist speaker, Mike Walsh, was featured in the Australian Financial Review on the future of work – quoting himself as an example of the new generation of “knowledge worker:

Extract of the coverage:

… Walsh says the revolutionary impact of technology and social network, and gteh influx into the workforce of “digital natives (who were using keyboards before ether learned to form letters with a pencil), mean that the leaders we have now are not the sort of people we will need in the future.

“One of the key capabilities [for the future] is pattern recognition,” he says.

A traditional leader has used restriction of access, hierarchy and status to put himself on a pedestal. But the leaders of the future have to be able to spot trends, which is partly about crisis avoidance.

I think Steve Jobs was the last of the autocratic leaders. The world is too complex for one person to say “This is how the world is,” says Walsh.

Future leaders also have to be gifted communicators, to be able to transmit the vision of the company to its people.

And they also need to be able to handle distributed leadership, whereby power is shared and collaborative.

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