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Andy Xie: How and Where Should China Invest for the Future

How and where should China invest for the future? Renowned Economist Andy Xie shared his insights:  “Stimulus proposals won’t transform the economy, but spending on industrial research, building megacities and globalizing the white collar labor force will.” Andy thinks that reviving construction and local government finances are the worst ways to spend money. Read his insights […]

Andy Xie on China’s “Internet Bubble”

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, thinks that the e-commerce boom in itself is not sustainable.  The current Internet boom, centered around social networking, e-commerce and online gaming, has not produced a significant productivity boost for the economy and likely will not in the future. The boom is mostly about redistributing existing demand from offline […]

Andy Xie on China’s Moral Hazard, and it’s Impact…

Dr Andy Xie commented in his recent article in Caixin Online that there are two evil forces that are poisoning China’s financial system: moral hazard and adverse selection. “While preventing a systemic crisis in coping with failing trust products should be a priority, indiscriminate bailouts would merely delay the inevitable and leave a bigger blowup […]

Andy Xie’s Prediction of 2014 Global Economy

Andy Xie‘s prediction of 2014 global economy in CaixinOnline: Breaking Out Is Hard The world’s major economies understand the structural changes they need to make to ensure growth, but it’s easier to wait for someone else to act first The global economy is unlikely to accelerate in 2014. The hope that the U.S. economy is […]

Andy Xie: Withdrawal of Stimulus Could Well Cause a Fresh Crisis

Chinese Economist Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline about the effects of stimulus withdrawal in economy. Andy warns that withdrawal of stimulus could well cause a fresh crisis. China and the United States, the primary sources of economic stimulus since 2008, will begin to unwind their stimulus in 2014. The Fed’s announcement of its […]

Andy Xie: A Hard Landing Is Likely for China

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, wrote an article in CaixinOnline about China’s likely hard landing. In his opinion, carry trade and the (unhealthy) government power play major roles in this landing. China’s asset bubble increasingly depends on financing from the shadow banking system. The carry trade – borrowing dollar loans at low interest rates offshore […]

Andy Xie: Global Economy Heading Toward a Cliff?

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, wrote an article in CaixinOnline on the near future of global economy. He is not very positive about it… The global economy is likely experiencing a bigger bubble than the one that unleashed the 2008 crisis, and should it burst the ensuing recession would be mammoth. Return of the Dotcom […]

Andy Xie on the US Economy and It’s Possible Default…

The US Government Shutdown has revealed many underlying issues of the US Economy. Renowned Economist Andy Xie, shared his insights on CaixinOnline on the possible default of the US Government, and why it is time to buy gold. The US Government Shutdown The U.S. government shutdown reflects irreconcilable differences among different group of the population. […]

Andy Xie: What Form Should China Take for Financial Reforms?

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights for CaixinOnline on the type of financial reforms needed in China… China’s financial reforms should improve capital allocation efficiency and long-term stability. Measures to improve liquidity are not real reforms. They merely cover up bad assets longer and increase the risk of a financial crisis down the road. […]

Andy Xie: Emerging Economies Vulnerable As U.S. Normalizises Interest Rates

Chinese Economist Andy Xie shared for CaixinOnline his insights on the consequences of normalization of U.S. interest rates. “As the U.S. continues to normalize interest rates, emerging economies become vulnerable. Brazil and India are at the eye of the storm, but China with its huge property bubble should be wary.” Global financial markets are adjusting again […]

Andy Xie on the Bubble Economy of China…

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights on the “Bubble Economy” in China for CaixinOnline… Bubbles are not just in residential property markets, but also in other areas. He said: While the residential bubble is well known, the commercial side has quickly become a bigger bubble. Most cities have commercial space per capita higher than […]

Andy Xie: Bubble Economics and Central Bankers

“Bubbles in the U.S. and Japan threaten everyone’s stability, and this won’t change until a fresh crisis changes central bankers’ philosophy.” Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline where he shared his insights on bubble economics and central bankers. Japan and the United States are using asset bubbles to revive their economies. They are struggling to […]

Andy Xie – The “Too Big to Fail” Institutions are Harming the Global Economy Further

Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline where he shared his insights on the too-big-to-fail (TBTF) financial institutions and the flawed global financial system. The flawed global financial system essentially holds all major governments hostage. Whenever a crisis happens, the policy priority is to stabilize the financial system for short-term economic stability. This tends to favor […]

Andy Xie’s Insights on the Gold Prices…

Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline where he shared his insights on the gold prices. Andy predicts that, despite its recent setback, gold remains a big beneficiary of the current macro environment. It could make a new high in the current year and rise much higher in 2014. The gold bull market will end when […]

Andy Xie on the Chinese Economy

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, wrote an article in CaixinOnline on “where the bottoming of gold, a misguided faith in Abenomics and an unrealistic hope for a new investment boom in China have led us”. Andy thinks that market is volatile due to speculations. After the Flash Crash The recent gyrations in precious metals, […]

Andy Xie – Bursting of the BRICS bubble is the main source of instability in 2013

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, wrote an article in CaixinOnline on what could drag the global economy into recession. Andy considers that the slow motion bursting of the BRICS bubble is the main source of instability in 2013. The BRICS Countries Take Their Turn at Bat In a world of constant financial crises, emerging […]

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