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Jack Perkowski’s Recent Insights on China Trade (Aug – Sep 2012)

Jack Perkowski, Mr China, shares his insights on China trade: The Missing $1 Billion In The US Trade Complaint – Forbes www.forbes.com/…/jackperkowski/…/the-missing-1-bil… – Cached 4 days ago – Most Read on Forbes. loading. News; People; Places; Companies. + show more. Jack Perkowski Contributor. Follow Following Unfollow … Cramer Likes Joy Because China Is “Turning Up” – Forbes www.forbes.com/…/jackperkowski/…/cramer-likes-joy-… – Cached 6 days ago – Most Read on Forbes. loading. […]

Dr Geoff Raby: A Life-long Australian Ambassador

Former Australia Ambassador to China, Geoff Raby now provides consultancy to companies on doing business in China, and Chinese company on their going-out strategy.  Here is his recent interview at China Daily: Watch the video: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/video/2011-08/08/content_13069545.htm Dr Geoff Raby Dr Geoff Raby  芮捷锐博士 is Chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby & Associates, a Beijing-based business advisory firm. In addition […]

Martin Jacques: China’s Economy Would Supersede US

Martin Jacques, author of best-seller “When China Rules The World” predicts that the Chinese economy will supersede that of the US. Here is his interview: Martin Jacques Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller ‘When China Rules the World: the Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World.’ It was first published in 2009 […]

Andy Xie’s Recent Insights on the Chinese Economy – Aug 2012

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist shared his insights on the Chinese economy… The only way out for China: Andy Xie | Breaking Business News … The country is saddled with a slew of problems that are only going to get worse as long as the government interferes in the market, Andy Xie argues in a column … markets.cbsnews.com/cbsnews/…/the_only_way_out_for_chin…   China’s house prices to […]

China Business Speakers

Are you looking for a true China expert for your upcoming Executive Committee meeting?  Your company has been doing business with / in China many years now and you have been traveling to China a hundred times.  The speakers you need are those who really know the pause of China, not those who talk about “Doing […]

Rebecca Fannin on China Winning the Tech Race

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) monitors China’s performance in the tech race closely.  Below is some of her recent observations: What’s Left to Clone In China Just how many clone opportunities are left in China, now that the Chinese marketplace has copies of YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay and yes, even Wikipedia. […]

Speakers Who Really Knows China

Are you looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China?  Our China expert speakers are here to help you:  Eddie Wang Former President of the China Minsheng Banking Corporation  Jack Perkowski Mr China Rebecca  Fannin Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race  Rob Keopp Chinese Business Going Global […]

Proudly Launching the China Speakers Agency Chinese Website

We at the China Speakers Agency is proud to launch our new Chinese website 中國名人演講堂 to better serve our Chinese clients who are looking for top-notch speakers to inspire their teams and clients at their upcoming events. CSA Chinese website.jpg We are working hard at populating the site with our speakers’ profile and share great ideas from our speakers. Are you an MNC looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China, or a Chinese company entering the global market looking for international experience?

China Experts Eddie Wang and Willy Lam Speaking at CPA Australia Congress

Keynotes by Eddie Wang and Wily Lam Willy will be speaking on “China’s new generation of political leaders” : China’s fifth generation of political leadership under the new General Secretary and State President, Xi Jinping, comes to power in October 2012. … Register here to enjoy the early bird discount till 7 Oct: http://www.cpacongress.com.au/hong-kong-program.html Contact us at +852 3489 9246 or [email protected] to engage Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世 or Mr Willy Lam to inspire your team and clients on concrete knowledge of doing business in China.

Rob Koepp Talks About Chinese Technology, Innovation, and Spiritualism

In previous corporate assignments, Rob served as Managing Director of Beijing-based CITIC Rising Star (an entertainment and leisure real estate development subsidiary of the CITIC Group), Operations Manager in Japan for Dresser Industries (a Global 200 energy industry capital equipment supplier and project consultancy); and Engineering and Marketing Manager in Asia for Hitachi High Technologies (a Hitachi Group company and supplier of advanced capital equipment to the global IT and healthcare industries). … He authored the book Clusters of Creativity: Enduring Lessons on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley and Europe’s Silicon Fen (John Wiley, 2002), which looks at the underpinning dynamics and key mechanisms of IT and life-science clusters from a global perspective, detailing how high-tech regions and their constituent companies are financed, managed, and generate wealth.

Eddie Wang and Willy Lam to Speak at CPA Australia’s Hong Kong Event

In his address, Dr Lam looks into the background of the new leaders, and outlines their strategy for China to play a more prominent role in the United Nations, the G20 Forum, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

… Contact us at +852 3489 9246 or [email protected] to engage Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世 or Mr Willy Lam to inspire your team and clients on concrete knowledge of doing business in China.