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China Keynote Speakers

Looking for keynote speakers for your upcoming conference in China? We have great suggestions for China keynote speakers for you: Dr Andy Xie – renowned Chinese economist Martin Jacques – When China Rules the World DaShan – the most famous foreigner in China Joe Zhang – China Banking expert Dambisa Moyo – renowned economist and […]

Morry Morgan: Unveiling the Dragon…

“For many, China’s growth and return to being a global superpower is frightening. This fear is a combination of the unknown as well as a misunderstanding of the culture of the Chinese.” In this video from TEDx Hult Shanghai Morry Morgan shares his insights about change and the “dragon” (China) leading the change in our […]

Morry Morgan: Building a Seamless, Cross Cultural Sales Team in China

Morry Morgan has been doing business and training executives in China for over 10 years and in this video below he shares how to build a seamless, cross-cultural sales team in China… Morry Morgan Australian born Morry Morgan moved to Shanghai in 2001, and has been a key player in the growth of the HR […]

Morry Morgan: China, ReThink @ TEDxHultBusinessSchoolSH

China’s success has been remarkable. But is it sustainable? Morry Morgan shows at TEDxHultBusinessSchoolSH that Chinese business leaders need to rethink their modus operandi if they intend to turn large Chinese companies into huge global corporations. Morry Morgan Australian born Morry Morgan moved to Shanghai in 2001, and has been a key player in the […]

Morry Morgan: Building a Strong Cross Cultural Sales Team

When one person does something repetitively, it’s called habit. When a group of people do the same thing, it’s called culture. Morry Morgan talks about building a strong cross cultural sales team. Building a cross cultural sales team is challenging due to the need of changing what is often referred to as the culture of […]

Morry Morgan Speaking at the Australia-China Business Week in June

Morry Morgan will be speaking at the Australia-China Business Week (ACBW) in Melbourne, Australia, on June 19. He will also be present as a speaker at the ACBW event in Sydney, Australia, on August 28. Morry will be presenting his keynote “It’s people! Why you should put HR at the Forefront of your China Strategy”. […]

Keynote Speakers On China

Are you looking for keynote speakers how really know China?  We are China Speakers Agency is here to serve you.  Below please find our top-notch keynote speakers whom are experts on different China topics: Andy Xie Renowed Chinese Economist Willy Lam China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert Ian Johnson Pulitzer Prize-winning author, China Expert Martin […]

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