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China expert Prof Willy Lam publishes new book

Prof Willy Lam

Prof Willy Lam, China expert just released his new book “Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Communist Party” with insights on China politics and predictions on the 19th Party Congress… In his new book, Prof Willy covers topics such as Chinese leadership, leadership style, anti-corruption campaign, Belt & Road, foreign policy, civic society, labours and more… Prof Willy […]

Dr Willy Lam to Speak at Financial Conference

Dr Willy Lam, China expert, will be speaking at a financial conference for institutional investors on Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jinping. Dr. Lam will discuss President Xi Jinping’s ideology, world-view and statecraft. He will focus on the economic and foreign-policy implications of the Fifth-Generation leader’s nationalistic approach to fulfilling the “Chinese dream” […]

Dr Willy Lam Published His New Book: Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jingping

Dr Willy Lam published his new book: Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jingping.  Renowned for his coverage of China’s elite politics and leadership transitions, veteran Sinologist Willy Lam has produced the first book-length study in English of the rise of Xi Jinping–General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since November 2012. With […]

Willy Lam: People’s Liberation Army (PLA) generals’ influence on China’s diplomacy

Willy Lam wrote an article where he shared his insights on People’s Liberation Army (PLA) generals’ influence on China’s diplomacy. Military personnel largely exert influence on foreign and national security policies in two ways. The first is through junshi waijiao (“military diplomacy”), meaning officers in China’s labyrinthine defense establishment actively engage in activities ranging from […]

Dr Willy Lam Commented on the Hong Kong Protest

Dr Willy Lam was interviewed by CNBC on the Hong Kong Protest – would Beijing attempt to pacify protesters by allowing the resignation of CY Leung, Hong Kong’s current Chief Executive? Dr Willy Lam With more than 30 years of experience in writing and researching about China, Willy Wo-Lap LAM is a recognized authority on […]

Willy Lam’s Comments on The Confrontation Over Air Zones

China expert Dr Willy Lam has recently shared his insights in Nikkei Asian Review on the confrontation over air zones between China and Japan.      Compared with his predecessors, Xi is also much more adept at stoking the flames of nationalism to shore up Communist Party legitimacy. The Xi leadership is of course aware […]

Willy Lam’s Recent Comments on China Politics

Dr. Willy Lam’s  recent comments on China politics from Asia Times Online, Bloomberg and Japan Times… 1. Asia Times Online, Nov 21, 2013: Xi’s power grab dwarfs market reforms http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/CHIN-01-211113.html 2. Bloomberg, Nov 18, 2013: China’s Broadest Reforms Since ’90s on Web Before Release http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-18/china-s-broadest-reforms-since-90s-on-web-before-release.html 3. Japan Times, Nov 16, 2013: Xi extends power with […]

Willy Lam Commented on Beijing’s Divide-and-conquer ‘Diplomacy’

Dr Willy Lam, journalist and analyst known for his insights on China’s politics, commented on Beijing’s divide-and-conquer ‘diplomacy’… The last leg of Li’s first overseas trip as head of government – a mere two-day stopover in Berlin – has demonstrated the hard edge of enhanced hard-power projection by China the quasi-superpower. During his joint press […]

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