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Nouriel Roubini: The New Abnormal for our Times

Nouriel Roubini

According to Prof Nouriel Roubini, the global economy is characterized by a new abnormal: in the behavior of growth, of economic policies, of inflation and of key asset prices and financial markets. Below is his keynote speech on the New Abnormal for our Times. More insights from Nouriel Roubini can be read in the Times […]

Justin Yifu Lin Confident in the Economic Growth in China

Dr Justin Yifu Lin remains optimistic and confident in China’s economic growth in the coming few years, despite certain difficulties. Here is his CCTV interview… Justin Lin Professor Justin Yifu Lin is Professor and Founding Director of the China Centre for Economic Research (CCER) at Peking University. He is the former Senior Vice President and […]

Manu Bhaskaran: The New Normal in Asia

“Given the legacy of the global crisis and other changes since the crisis, the global economy will not return to what was normal pre-crisis; it will be a different world, a “new normal”. So, what will the “new normal” look like for Asian economies in this new phase of the global economy, in terms of […]

Dr Geoff Raby – China’s gasping leap forward

Dr Geoff Raby, former Australia Ambassador to China, wrote an article in Business Spectator on the sustained economic growth that can be expected from China in the near future. Here are some excerpts from the article: Xi Jinping was confirmed by the National People’s Congress as President and Li Keqiang as Premier.  A new economic […]

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