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Dr Geoff Raby on the Weibo Power

Former Australia Ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, talks about the power of Weibo, the most popular social media in China, and it’s impact on  the Chinese society, in his recent media interview: Former Australian ambassador Geoff Raby is already convinced that in decades to come the weibo revolution will be seen as one of the key steps […]

Andy Xie: China will become a democracy in my lifetime

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist was optimistic that China will become a democracy in his lifetime… Here is his Interview:     Andy talks about stability, inequality in income, politics, democracy… Contact us today to engage Andy to share his insights at your next conference.

Dr Geoff Raby: A Life-long Australian Ambassador

Former Australia Ambassador to China, Geoff Raby now provides consultancy to companies on doing business in China, and Chinese company on their going-out strategy.  Here is his recent interview at China Daily: Watch the video: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/video/2011-08/08/content_13069545.htm Dr Geoff Raby Dr Geoff Raby  芮捷锐博士 is Chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby & Associates, a Beijing-based business advisory firm. In addition […]

Fredrik Haren on Global Companies

Fredrik Haren, leading creativity and innovatoin speaker,  has authored 7 books, including, The Idea Book and the more recent The Developing World. He is now based in Singapore and is famous for his research on innovation and creativity . He consistently gets tremendous feedback from his audience and constantly voted the best speaker in various […]

Rebecca Fannin on China Winning the Tech Race

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) monitors China’s performance in the tech race closely.  Below is some of her recent observations: What’s Left to Clone In China Just how many clone opportunities are left in China, now that the Chinese marketplace has copies of YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay and yes, even Wikipedia. […]

Speakers Who Really Knows China

Are you looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China?  Our China expert speakers are here to help you:  Eddie Wang Former President of the China Minsheng Banking Corporation  Jack Perkowski Mr China Rebecca  Fannin Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race  Rob Keopp Chinese Business Going Global […]

Jack Perkowski: China Wants To Buy American (Companies)

Jack is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of China to the broadcast media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR and CCTV, as well as a variety of audiences worldwide: universities, business schools, corporate and industry conferences, and various chapters of the Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, YPO and other professional organizations. … Jack was a starting guard on one of the best football teams in Yale’s history and played in the famous 29-29 tie against Harvard in 1968, a game which Sports Illustrated has named one of the most exciting college football games of all time.

China Experts Eddie Wang and Willy Lam Speaking at CPA Australia Congress

Keynotes by Eddie Wang and Wily Lam Willy will be speaking on “China’s new generation of political leaders” : China’s fifth generation of political leadership under the new General Secretary and State President, Xi Jinping, comes to power in October 2012. … Register here to enjoy the early bird discount till 7 Oct: http://www.cpacongress.com.au/hong-kong-program.html Contact us at +852 3489 9246 or info@chinaspeakersagency.com to engage Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世 or Mr Willy Lam to inspire your team and clients on concrete knowledge of doing business in China.

Mike Walsh: The Divergence – The Rising Power of the BRIC Nations

In this speech extract based on his upcoming book ‘ The Divergence ‘, Mike Walsh looks at the secret history of the Web in emerging markets, and why the rising power of the BRIC nations holds the key to understanding the forces that will shape the digital world in the next ten years. Contact us at China Speakers Agency at info@chinaspeakersagency.com or +852 3489 9246 if you would like to engage Mike for your next event, or viist us for more top-notch China experts from us .

Rebecca Fannin Talks about Tudou and Other Video Sharing Sites in China

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011) talks about Tudou 土豆網 and other video sharing sites (Chinese YouTube equivalent) and the booming tech entrepreneurship in China. … Yes, it does exist in China, which is also an “interesting” phenomenon of the new tech companies.

Joseph Divanna, Renowned Banking Strategies, Joins China Speakers Agency

Author of numerous books on banking, economics, technology and strategy his views on the changing world of banking can be read monthly in publications such as The Banker magazine, Financial World, Islamic Business & Finance, New Horizons and The Middle East Banker. … Joseph 在银行服 务、经济、技术与策略等领域著书,您也可以从《银行家》杂志、《 金融世界》、《伊斯兰商业与金融》、《新视野》与《中东银行家》 等期刊上读到 Joseph 关于不断变化的银行业的观点。

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