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Andy Xie: Hong Kong Economy Will Remain Weak for Many Quarters

Economist Andy Xie discusses in a recent Bloomberg interview the end of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the outlook for oil prices. Takeaways: Hong Kong economy will remain weak for many quarters; Oil prices will remain low as well; It will take a while for China to absorb the over-capacity. Watch the video […]

Andy Xie’s Views on the Hong Kong Protest on BBC News

Andy Xie, former chief Asia economist at Morgan Stanley, and now an independent economist based in Hong Kong, shares his views on the Hong Kong Protest for BBC News. Andy agrees that it is economic factors that are behind much of the current unrest. “Deep down most people are concerned about bread and butter issues,” […]

Manu Bhaskaran: Should we worry about Hong Kong?

Manu Bhaskaran shared his insights about the Hong Kong protests in his recent article in The Edge Singapore, Should we worry about Hong Kong? Investors should not underestimate the risks arising from the growing political dissonance in Hong Kong. The protests in early July were the largest since 2003, when Hong Kong people, fearing a […]

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