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Ian Johnson: How the Western Media Covers China

Ian Johnson shared his observations on how the Western media fairly, or unfairly, covers China, in his piece in the New York Review of Books. One night in September, three hundred people crowded into the basement auditorium of an office tower in Beijing to hear a discussion between two of China’s most popular writers. One […]

Ian Johnson, China Expert, Will be in Europe from June to September

Ian Johnson, China Expert, will be in Europe from mid-June to September 2015. Event organisers in Europe do seize the opportunity to engage him during his stay in Germany! Ian Johnson Ian Johnson has been coming to China since 1984 and has spent most of the past 20 years as a Beijing-based correspondent for The […]

Ian Johnson Interviewed on Xi’s Nationalist Blogger

Ian Johnson was invited on Tom Ashbrook’s “On Point,” which is one of the most respected and popular call-in radio shows in the United States. They discussed why Xi endorsed the nationalist blogger Zhou XIaoping. Listen to the Show here: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/11/04/china-zhou-xiaoping-progadanda China Takes U.S. Aim In A War Of Words A Chinese blogger whose harsh […]

Ian Johnson: Impact of WeChat Shift on China’s Activists

What is the impact of WeChat’s rise on China’s activists? Ian Johnson talked to a few to find out and shared his insights in his article in New York Times. Still, WeChat remains a powerful tool for activists, even if Weibo’s promise of an open online society has been frustrated. Ian Johnson              Ian Johnson […]

Ian Johnson’s Interviews with Chinese Intellectuals

Visit Ian Johnson‘s webpage with his interviews with Chinese intellectuals, webpage created by The New York Review of Books. It’s full of great insights if you would like to understand China better. You can read the interviews here… Ian Johnson Ian Johnson has been coming to China since 1984 and has spent most of the […]

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