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Dr Andy Xie Commented on Japan’s Latest Economic Policy

Dr Andy Xie, renowned independent economist, said for CNBC News that April’s sales tax hike and a pending corporate tax cut are not the right solutions for Japan as they do not tackle the real concern surrounding productivity. Watch the video here… Andy Xie Dr Xie is one of the few economists who has accurately […]

Willy Lam’s Comments on The Confrontation Over Air Zones

China expert Dr Willy Lam has recently shared his insights in Nikkei Asian Review on the confrontation over air zones between China and Japan.      Compared with his predecessors, Xi is also much more adept at stoking the flames of nationalism to shore up Communist Party legitimacy. The Xi leadership is of course aware […]

Andy Xie at Economist Roundtable on the Global Economic Prognosis

Andy Xie shared his insights on the future of global economy at the Economist Roundtable at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, on June 20, 2013. It was a very  interesting and insightful discussion. You can see it in this video below Note: To see Andy’s prognoses jump at 21:45, 1:02:52 and 1:21:15 Moderator Thomas Mayer, […]

Andy Xie: Bubble Economics and Central Bankers

“Bubbles in the U.S. and Japan threaten everyone’s stability, and this won’t change until a fresh crisis changes central bankers’ philosophy.” Andy Xie wrote an article in CaixinOnline where he shared his insights on bubble economics and central bankers. Japan and the United States are using asset bubbles to revive their economies. They are struggling to […]

Dr Andy Xie’s Insights on the Japanese Bubble

Dr Andy Xie’s insights on the Japanese Bubble are mentioned in the Australian Financial Review. Andy warns monetary policy alone cannot solve Japan’s economic growth problem, and he thinks the latest round of quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan could end in chaos. In his opinion the Bank of Japan could be blowing a […]

Andy Xie on China-Japan Islands Dispute

Andy Xie, the director of Rosetta Stone Advisors, shared his insights on China-Japan islands dispute at Bloomberg. Andy states that the economic implications of the dispute will affect the China-Japan trade and that it depends on the length of the suspended production in the Japanese factories. “A lot of these products are for global market, […]

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