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Dr Andy Xie SCMP Article: China must respond to Biden’s new tariffs with an eye on Europe

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie‘s latest opinion piece for SCMP posits that China should hit US cars with stiff tariffs to send a warning signal to Brussels. Here is a snippet from his informative take on the matter: However, China should not respond to Biden’s tariffs by restricting exports of materials or equipment that the US green […]

Dr Andy Xie: How a Joe Biden presidency would offer US-China relations a brief window of hope

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, opined that if Biden is elected, he will likely roll back tariffs and give China a short respite. To reset ties, however, Beijing needs to offer concrete action on tackling climate change and market reciprocity as a down payment. Here are some highlights: If Biden does win, it would […]

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