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Joe Zhang: The Disintegration of Rural China

Joe Zhang, author of “Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed?”, wrote about the disintegration of rural China which resulted in increased crime, pollution, and degrade of morality.  More important, following the government’s privatization of state housing, urban housing prices grew exponentially, five-to-six-fold in many cases, while the value of rural homes rose […]

Joe Zhang: Private-Sector Corruption with Chinese Characteristics

Joe Zhang, author of ‘Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed?’ shared his insights on the private-sector corruption in China: What is wrong with China’s private sector? Most privately held businesses are still too small, too inexperienced and too fragile to succeed. Many are opportunistic concerns that trade for a few months or […]

Joe Zhang: Reform is a Tall Order in China

Joe Zhang published in South China Morning Post on 19 December 2013 an article about the private sector versus the state sector in China. Despite suggestions the private sector is gaining ground on the mainland, state-owned firms are more dominant than ever, with the past decade seeing a reversal of earlier liberalisation gains. …. It […]

Joe Zhang on Understanding China SOEs

Former Chinese Banker Joe Zhang has just published a new book, Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed?, which gives readers an insider view of China’s SOEs (State Owned Enterprises) and China’s state capitalism. A vast majority of the state-owned companies either squander their advantages, or engage in destructive practices to stifle competition, […]

Insights from Joe Zhang on Shadow Banking in China

China banking expert and speaker, Joe Zhang, opined that “If China is really worried about shadow banking, there is a neat solution: turn off the credit tap. Beijing must deal with shadow banking head-on rather than diverting energy to tangential matters such as regulation and deposit insurance.” Read more about it in his SCMP article… […]

Joe Zhang’s “Party Man, Company Man” Book Coverage in WSJ

Joe Zhang has just published his second book on China: Party Man, Company Man. Here is the coverage of the book in the Wall Street Journal. In the book, Mr. Zhang tells of his time as chief operating officer at a state-controlled property developer to shed light on how China’s state-owned enterprises are run from […]

Joe Zhang’s New Book: “Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed?”

Joe Zhang has just published his new book, “Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed?” Details here…  Party Man, Company Man: Is China’s State Capitalism Doomed? Inefficient and corrupt, the state sector in China is the source of many of the nation’s current ills. However, according to corporate financier and bestselling author Joe Zhang, it is […]

Joe Zhang: Alibaba’s Banking Innovation “Yu E Bao” and it’s Impacts

Read below Joe Zhang‘s insights on Alibaba’s banking innovation “Yu E Bao” and it’s impacts… Joe states in the SCMP article that Chinese lenders are ready to fight back if profitability is threatened. Within just six months, Yu E Bao, the partnership between the mainland’s Alibaba and fund house Tianhong Asset Management, raised 250 billion […]

Joe Zhang: Rising Rates Will Help Cure China’s Credit Addiction

Joe Zhang wrote in his recent article in Financial Times that rising the interest rates will help cure China’s credit addiction… The rapid growth of bank loans after the early 1980s, coupled with lax credit standards, resulted in non-performing loans that accounted for 30-40 per cent of loan books by the late 1990s. To prevent […]

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