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Andy Xie: Future of U.S.-China Trade Relations

Andy Xie

Renowned Chinese Economist Andy Xie discussed in the recent Bloomberg interview on Asia looking for new trade pacts after Donald Trump confirmed that he would withdraw from the TPP, the impact of the RCEP trade deal on Asia and his outlook for global trade. Andy swapped insights with Bloomberg’s David Tweed and Rishaad Salamat on […]

Dr Dan Steinbock Shared his Insights on TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement presents Asia with good, bad and ugly scenarios, says Dr Dan Steinbock. In his commentary, he explains the benefits, costs and limitations of the TPP to the US, China and emerging Asia. He argues that the broader region is not choosing between China and US, but each and both. He also […]

Dan Steinbock on The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Dr Dan Steinbock shared his insights on the The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) suggestion, and his predictions on the future scenarios after its’ failure. The White House’s effort to hammer the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in Maui failed. As time is running out for President Obama’s legacy achievement, both Washington and Beijing are reassessing their options. […]

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