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Dr Andy Xie: As the trade war reduces China’s US exports, structural reforms – not inflating away debt – are the right response to economic disengagement

Dr Andy Xie

In Dr Andy Xie ‘s recent SCMP article, he argued that as the trade war reduces China’s US exports, structural reforms, not inflating away debt, are the right response to economic disengagement. If China goes back to inflation to solve its debt problem, the resulting erosion of confidence in the renminbi would have a profound […]

Haiyan Wang on White House threatening new tariffs on Chinese goods

Haiyan Wang

Haiyan Wang, China business expert, was interviewed by CGTN recently on her insights on the White House’s threats to levy new tariffs on Chinese goods. Haiyan Wang says: “Long term wise, China and the US have to come to a strategic compromise; that maintaining the bilateral compromise is so critical to both China and to […]

Andy Xie on the US Economy and It’s Possible Default…

The US Government Shutdown has revealed many underlying issues of the US Economy. Renowned Economist Andy Xie, shared his insights on CaixinOnline on the possible default of the US Government, and why it is time to buy gold. The US Government Shutdown The U.S. government shutdown reflects irreconcilable differences among different group of the population. […]

Andy Xie on the US, China and Global Economies: Money Can’t Buy Growth

Andy Xie, our renowned Chinese economist, opines that money can’t buy growth.  And here’s why: The global economy was a debt bubble, functioning on China over-borrowing and investing and the West over-borrowing and consuming. The dynamic came to an end when the debt crises exposed debt levels in the West as too high. The last […]

Andy Xie’s Insights On The US Economy After the Election

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, shared his insights on the US Economy after the election – what he coined the “Obama 2.0 Era”: Going over the cliff is good for the United States in the long run. Even though it would cause a recession in the short term, it would roughly halve the Federal deficit. It […]

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