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Tsvi Vinig: What Can Chinese Businesses Learn from the Jewish Entrepreneurs

What can Chinese Businesses learn from the Jewish Entrepreneurs? Prof Tsvi Vinig shares his insights on the 8 success secrets of the Jewish entrepreneurs from his extensive research. Watch the video here… Tsvi Vinig Dr Tsvi Vinig, Associate Professor for Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam Business School & Former Founding Director of the Science Park Amsterdam Center […]

Martin Jacques: The future of China and the Consequent Global Order

Dr Martin Jacques, the author of the book ‘When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order’, discussed the future of China and the consequent global order, in April 2014 at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller “When […]

Video of Willy Lam Speaking at Jamestown Foundation

Video of Willy Lam speaking at Jamestown Foundation on China Politics… Part I Part II Willy Lam With more than 30 years of experience in writing and researching about China, Willy Wo-Lap LAM is a recognized authority on areas including the Chinese Communist Party, public administration, foreign policy, the People’s Liberation Army, as well as […]

Martin Jacques: What Can UK Learn from China and Other Asia Countries?

Martin Jacques shared his insights on what the UK can learn from China and other Asia countries in his recent speech at the Trades Union Congress (TUC).  China is set to become the world’s largest economy by 2016. South Korea spends five times as much on research and development as most European countries. Since 2007, […]

Li Cunxin, Chinese Motivational Speaker, on Life Changing Decisions

Li Cunxin, renowned Chinese motivational speaker, and author of best-selling Mao’s Last Dancer, shared his insights on making life changing decisions. “With courage and determination, everyone can be successful”, said Li, and his life story is a great example.  Li Cunxin’s journey is simply remarkable. He was born into utter poverty in Mao’s communist China. […]

Manu Bhaskaran Keynoted at Asian Investors Corporate Governance Conference

Manu Bhaskaran, Asian Economist, keynoted at the 4th Asian Investors’ Corporate Governance Conference in 2012 where he talked about investment in Asia. Below you have the video from the conference… Manu Bhaskaran Manu Bhaskaran is Director of Centennial Group International and the Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of Centennial Asia Advisors. Mr Bhaskaran is […]

Martin Jacques Spoke at Boao Forum on Asia’s New Future

Martin Jacques spoke at Boao Forum on Asia’s new future. Check the video from CNTV here… The video can be found here: http://english.cntv.cn/program/dialogue/20130409/100917.shtml Martin Jacques Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller “When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order”. It was […]

Anders Sorman-Nilsson and Rob Lilwall Spoke at Zee Mindspace 2014 in India

Anders Sorman-Nilsson and Rob Lilwall, the leading marketing minds of the world, spoke on Friday, the 7th of March, at Zee Mindspace 2014 in India on challenging the marketing environment.                                                       Anders Sorman-Nilsson                                                                        Rob Lilwall Stitching together disparate technologies and processes in order to map the […]

Martin Jacques – When China Rules the World Speech

Video of China Expert Martin Jacques‘s speech at Melbourne University from September 2012 entitled When China Rules the World. Martin Jacques Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller “When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order”. It was first published in 2009 […]

Li Cunxin and his Most Inspiring Mao’s Last Dancer Story…

Li Cunxin is a remarkable man born of a remarkable story. From humble beginnings in rural China to the height of the global dance world, Li’s story is one of determination, passion, integrity and success. Watch below Li’s talk at TEDxStHildasSchool on how he became a ballet dancer. Li CunXin Li Cunxin’s journey is simply remarkable. […]

Morry Morgan: Unveiling the Dragon…

“For many, China’s growth and return to being a global superpower is frightening. This fear is a combination of the unknown as well as a misunderstanding of the culture of the Chinese.” In this video from TEDx Hult Shanghai Morry Morgan shares his insights about change and the “dragon” (China) leading the change in our […]

Ann Lee’s Keynote on China @the Pace CI’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

Ann Lee talked on May 2013 at the Pace CI’s 4th Anniversary Celebration about the spirit of Confucius and how understanding the East more can promote more co-operation between countries, and people. Ann Lee Book author, a former investment banker and hedge fund partner, Ann Lee is a frequent media commentator on economic issues, finance […]

Martin Jacques: The UK in a China-centric World…

In the first Imperial Business Insights lecture of 2013-14 from Imperial College Business School best-selling author and China expert Martin Jacques explores whether the West can adapt to a China-centric world. Martin Jacques Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller “When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the […]

Helen Wang – The Chinese Dream, The Rising Middle Class in China

In The Chinese Dream, a groundbreaking book about the rising middle class in China, Helen H. Wang challenges us to recognize that some of our fears about China are grossly misplaced. As a result of China’s new capitalist paradigm, a burgeoning middle class-calculated to reach 800 million within the next fifteen years-is jumping aboard the […]

Dambisa Moyo on Global Economy

Dr. Dambisa Moyo, international economist and author, discussed for The McCloskey Speaker Series on the topic of global economy and problematic aid  from developed countries for developing countries. In 2009, Dambisa was named by TIME magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She is the author of The New York Times […]

Dr Geoff Raby Interviewed on China’s Resources Industry

Geoff Raby was interviewed in Beijing on China’s resource industry by Mines and Money. You can check the video with the interview below… Dr Geoff Raby Dr Raby was the Australian Ambassador to China from February 2007 to August 2011 and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) from November 2002 […]

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